Toronto? ontario? canada? u.s?

We are the Flying Brigade Toronto!


I am a new member of The Flying Brigade. I REALLY suggest and hope you will join us, and:-

I have a confession to make. In my 35+ years of simming I have never, ever done anything multiplayer. I am also a pilot, and “group” flying is, by its very nature, so unsafe that it is very rare for pilots to fly together - unless one is military, of course. In that regard, I have always been a “solitary” visual VFR simmer, since VFR flying is a very visual endeavour. That being said, I am so thrilled to be involved in this club and to try this type of flying in MSFS 2020, so, in me, you have probably the most understanding and forgiving club member you could find. I am, in fact, attempting to create my own TFB event, based on a personal experience, that I hope will titillate our members imagination enough to enjoy this multiplayer “thing” I am also learning for the very first time. If there is ever any time you may need a person to help, participate, or otherwise be a shoulder to lean on, I will be glad to help.