Total distance flying/taxiing

Can this be true? 139 million kilometers flown and 1.3 million kilometers taxiing? I am pretty sure i haven’t even driven my car for 1.3 million miles yet in the last 30 years lol, something must be wrong.

It’s in meters :laughing:

How many hours do you have in the sim?

As @whitesnuf said, distance is in meters.
1000 meter = 1 kilometer.

Good question … why are times in Seconds ?

ie 66240 seconds – pretty meaningless

18.5 hours would make a lot more sense ??

1.3 million meters of taxiing is 1300 km. If the average taxi speed is 50 kph that’s 26 hours of taxiing.
139.000 km of flight at 1000 kph (jet) is 139 hours. If flying a bush plane it would rather be 200 kph resulting in 695 hours.

ooops, makes more sense now, thx for the heads up.

I suppose metres does make more sense, as it’s “only” around 150m km from the Earth to the Sun. :slight_smile:

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