Total Hours in Cessna 172 (G1000)

Brief description of the issue: My hour meter in the 172 just reset it seems. I already had over 50 hours on it and its back to 0. I did not delete any game files. Anyone else having that issue?

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Detail steps to reproduce the issue encountered: Will check if this is somewhat related to the G1000 mod by Working title…

Mine has been resetting since day 1. I had over 100 Hours on the 172, it now says 2.5 hours despite having all the time still showing in the log book.
I reported it via Zendesk a few months ago.

Since then I have mainly been flying the Caravan for over 200 hours, last update reset it back to zero again .

I have no mods at all unless you count a few orbx scenery addons purchased through the marketplace.

Think it’s just a bug.

Thanks. That is what I was afraid of. That this rather simple thing is not working properly is a rather annoying inconvenience… Destory that bit of immersion it feeling like “your” plane you come back to fly.

Consider voting me up, so Asobo may consider to fix it.

I have honestly never paid attention to those things, not even in real life :joy:

I am mad about details like that and these meters have always worked fine in FSX.

Yeah well as long as the fundamentals are not fixed don’t even start about the details. We still don’t have a working lateral flight director bar on any aircraft when flying with autopilot OFF. As long as those things are not even getting fixed I’m not so hopeful about a working Hobs meter.

I am not asking for a feature to be implemented, but for one already in the game to worky properly and this seems to be a real easy one. Also: If you dont care, why bother getting the thread off topic?

Edit: If you want to talk about the things you take issue with, go do that in your threads. Thank you.

I’m not saying I don’t care, I want a working Hobs meter. I’m only saying its a tiny detail compared to all the fundamental flaws in MSFS.

Btw flight director is not a new feature to be implemented, the lateral flight director bar has a bug in which it commands wings level with autopilot OFF no matter the lateral mode engaged and it is affecting every MSFS aircraft.

But this was just an example, there is just so much wrong with it. The visuals are great, I wish the rest of the sim was an equally big leap forward.

I do agree that many issues brought forward are neglectable. Still wroth for me to find out if I am the only one having that issue or if that is mod related.

Be sure I go vote for those issues that seem fundamental to me and there are PLENTY of these. I just don’t like being told constantly “that is unimportant” when I bring up an issue. The King Air having a Garmin is currentely the greatest annoyance to me… ^^

Well I voted for this one.

My biggest annoyance with the Kingair is the lack of propeller drag, I flew that aircraft in real life and it does not even come close. The MSFS Kingair just doesn’t slow down, it keeps on floating in ground effect, completely unrealistic…

Its a easily the most unrealistic aircraft in the whole sim.

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Sadly so, as it is one of my favorites…

I HAD to pay attention to it: it was the basis of both my logbook and, more painfully, the billing from the club! Not sure whether to add a smiley emoji for the humour or a crying emoji for how much it cost me all those years ago!


Also right now, there is no other way to keep track of how many hours you flew a particular aircraft, right?

When I was a flight instructor we luckily wrote down the block and flight times ourselves rounded to the nearest 5 minutes and disregarded the Hobs, would have been interesting to compare the hours on the airframe with the Hobs meter, must have been a huge difference at the end :sweat_smile:.

If you know that an update is coming, you can try making a backup of the …8bbwe\LocalCache\SimObjects folder. Each aircraft folder there contains one file - a “state.cfg” that records engine times. If you get a reset of your Hobbs meter, try restoring the backed up file. If you open that file, it’s the “accumulated_time” that shows up on the hour meter. You can manually edit that and have it show in the sim.

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Thanks for the input!

What I would also consider doing is enabling the Windows 10 backup feature, so you can make use of the “Previous versions” tab when inspecting a file/folder.

The “SimObjects” folder itself is tiny, so would cost you next to no disk space.

Go into “Backup settings”, then click “More options”. If you don’t have it enabled, IIRC it will ask you for a location to store the backups, for me this is a second disk. A folder will be created called “FileHistory”.


You can now add a folder to the list.

I use it to back up important parts of my user profile. Once enabled you will see this will populate the “Previous Versions” tab. You can see below I have a folder called “TV”, which has multiple versions. For each I can take a look as it was on that day by clicking Open, or Restore the current version to as it was on that date.

You can also open these backups in File History, which is in essence an Explorer for your backups.

This would make it very easy to restore old copies of your aircraft state files.


You can also find it via the Control Panel:

“Control Panel\System and Security\File History”

But you cannot add individual folders here, only choose a drive, and exclude folders from the backup.

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Hi everyone,

The issue mentionned by Polacanthus4178 seems quite related to the following topic:

Does your logbook also show 00:00 flight time?

In that case, I’ll merge this thread to the other one.

No. My logbook shows at least one 172 (G1000) flight with 21h when I did the cannonball run. I checked that again tonight, it’s still in there.

I have over 700h+ logged in total but noticed all meters in cockpit of any aircraft retuned to 0. No matter if Caravan, CJ4 or classic 172.