Touchscreen controlling cockpit camera


I bought a brand new touchscreen as second monitor that is configured properly under Win 10. Under Windows the touch function is only assigned to the touchscreen monitor itself. It is not controlling the 4k main screen where the sim is running!

I then installed Air Manager 4 Beta 13 for MSFS 2020 with the standard Cessna 172 panel being shown on my touch screen.
Everything is working well. I can use the touch function to interact with the controls.

However there is one annoying thing. When I use the touch function from Air Manager the MSFS 2020 cockpit camera being shown on my 4K main monitor is being controlled by the touchscreen at the same time. That means rotating the heading knob on the touchscreen causes the camera in the flight sim cockpit to move like mouse look.

I have already checked that the touch screen (being shown under the controls section of MSFS as “touch pointer”) is not assigned to any Sim controls. It definitely is not. Nevertheless the touch display can control the cockpit camera.

Air Manager support says this is a MSFS 2020 problem that cannot be solved by their own coding.
They advised me to search help in this forum.

Any ideas how to solve this?
Maybe it is possible to completely deactivate devices in a controls file like in P3D?

Thank you so much!

Regards Andi

Yeah, MSFS completely screws up touch screens.