Touchscreens keep showing highlight border when looking at them as of SU10

Can anyone help? Any time I look around with a joystick (mouse doesn’t cause it), if I look at any sort of touch screen I get the white highlight window around it. I’ve tried toggling Legacy and Lock interaction modes like old posts have recommended but it no longer seems to make a difference

Same for me, using Xbox controller on PC, it’s so annoying. This white dot all the time since SU5, and now this white border on top … C’mon Asobo, you’re not that serious !??

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The white dot you can get rid of by hitting the d-pad (right if you haven’t mapped it to something to not do anything else). No idea what to do about this new screen issue though

Is this what you are experiencing?

I’m aware of this, but unfortunately this is not the solution. As soon as you are moving the mouse this REALLY ANNOYING WHITE DOT is back again. For some reasons (???) Asobo is tenaciously ignoring this issue. Thx for your participation though :slight_smile:

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