Towing aircraft for positioning

One option that would be great would be for positioning aircraft to be allowed to be towed either from a stand to a parking stand or from a parking stand to a live stand for departure, in my old rmap days talking to GMC moving around the ramp with a tow behind was always fun dodging live taxing aircraft…!
Just a thought as you could still interact with live ATC sites such as VATSIM / IVAO as they give you taxi instructions on live flights anyway which means they can see you on their screens hence the transponder being switched on.

Leave that one with you guys…!

I thought shift+p was bad. This one is so much worse. You not only have to send atc the message before you need the move done and estimate how long the message and reply will take, but if another aircraft calls in just before you need to stop or straighten up then you keep turning until their communication is over and you can get your message in. How bad is that?


I removed the part of your topic about accessing ground services via ATC. We only ask for one request per topic. That request has another topic.