Track IR has stopped working

I can’t see why, I’ve restarted both sim, Track IR and the PC a few times. It sometimes comes on but I’m facing the wrong way/upside down/facing left or right and I can’t pause of reset the view.

Any ideas guys? Thanks in advance.

And you did the calibration in TrackIR, too? Do you have some light source behind you? Could be a bit of sun poking through the curtains even.

I should say, it’s been working flawlessly for months. It still works with other games, it’s just FS that’s suddenly gone a bit array.

Stray light affects my Track IR badly also, but it never causes it to stop completely. I havent used it for a while too worried about another variable to cause CTD! Is it still showing up on options?

It was, but now I’m also CTD on each flight. Also new for me. :thinking:
Something has happened. Not sure what it could be, not made any changes…

I’ll fire mine up again and see what happens. Might not be today though…

I just did a flight with mine working fine. A few years ago I started having problems with a Track IR I had for years. A new one fixed it right away, but the problems were happening on several platforms.

I swapped planes out of the TBM and it works. Seems like the Jets and the TBM are having issues for me.

That sounds more like a camera bug for some planes then?

Possibly, I’m going to check each one in turn, see if I have issues and if I spot a pattern I’ll do a ticket.
It could be just machine side, so I’ll do a clean install of the sim and Track IR.

Wish me luck!

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I’m not sure if this is related, but I just finished a flight where TrackIR was working fine. shortly after landing the view was off to my left. No matter how I tried to center it the view would not correct, in fact, I was looking out the back of my plane. Tracking still worked, but was pretty disorienting. I shut everything down, and hope it is better when I try again.

What aircraft was that? I’m working my way through and just the turboprops and jets are having issues, with flights over 1 hour as a quantifier.

I was in an Icon A5, and my flight was about an hour and a half.

I don’t think this is the issue as he reported other software is working fine. I just had a similar issue. Checked my calibration right after, and it was perfect.

Have another go at night when you don’t have harsh light sources that might impact it. I find I’m OK using is up to afternoon where the sun starts to impact it. Even if I close the blinds, stray light still causes issues. Nothing worse than being on final and the world turns upside down.

Night time is usually trouble free.

UV and even LED, can be tough on Track IR, but I’m in my basement, no lights on, and the only window (shaded) is facing East. This happened at 4:00 in the evening. If conditions have to be better than this, my simming is severely limited.

I’ve had a constant environment and there are limited reflections, so a minor change may have been the cause, or fixing another issue in game (dev side) might have triggered another. Once I’m re set I’ll update.