Track IR reflective tape for clips

Does anyone know of a source of replacement reflector tape in the UK?
Type 3M 7610 (silver). Most of the adverts that I have seen are quoting roll lengths of 50 yards (or so) and asking silly prices. Obviously I am looking for a couple of inches, or a foot, or so, at most.
Importing items from the US involves un-realistic postal charges.
Many thanks.

Salzmann 3M Reflective Stickers - Pre-cut silver stickers for backpacks, prams, bikes, helmets, etc. - Made with 3M Reflective Material : AmazonSmile: DIY & Tools

Wonder if that would work doesn’t say what exact 3m tape it used in the product though it looks similar to the roll of reflective tape i saw with the code you gave above.

Health and Safety gone mad, roadworks everywhere … these are things I’ve heard of the UK and you cant nick a bit of reflector tape? :wink:

I really think that you have to use this 3M specified tape for best results. (that’s what Track IR use apparently). I did try some reflective tape from Ebay (the type with the hexagon patterns), and it didn’t really seem up to the task.