Track IR “sticking” in centre

I have been setting up my new Track IR and all the curves are good and I’m happy with the speed and smoothness except for one thing I can’t figure out. When I pan my view across the centre of the cockpit, the view sort of snags there for a moment and then follows on. It is most disconcerting. I have levelled out all the curves in the centre so there is no dead zone and I have not got the dead zone template over any of the curves. Thing is, it doesn’t do it in the Track IR software so I’m thinking it must be something to do with MSFS. Has anyone got any insights?

Certainly sounds like a deadzone. Is MSFS definitely using the expected profile?

Hi thanks for your reply. Yep I have it set to the correct profile. I was just reading that I may have to actually raise the centre of the curve to negate the stickiness. That seems weird.

I’m using it with just a flat curve and it works great, no sticking. Make sure the correct profile is selected. (The ui is really confusing in trackir!)