Track IR Stops Working

The post wasn’t aimed at you, just the board in general. It’s long been my impression that Asobo is getting a large proportion of the blame that’s deserved by MS, whereas Asobo deserves essentially all the credit for things that are going well…
You are right that Asobo should fix this as quickly as possible.

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I would rather have longer intervals between updates than losing such essential functionalities. I´m very disappointed.


Go to Camera View in the Aircraft - turn TrackIR to the on postition - it works. Someone changed the coding. It dosen’t allow you to save this option.


I for one agree with you. That is why I stated this is Jorg’s problem to solve in a previous post in this thread; not the specific technical issue with TrackIR, but the issue that a bug of this magnitude gets released. I took some flak for that statement though…

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Please keep posts on helping with an issue/bug rather than ranting. Keep all posts constructive. A reminder of the Code of Conduct.

This bug has been logged and pushed up to the developers.


I believe this means that a different thread in which you had participated and voted was merged into this thread so your original thread/vote is complete, and now it’s moved over here with us!

I am also affected by the Track IR problem and have already voted for this thread here. Without reliable Track IR, the MSFS makes no sense to me. Do you think it makes sense to open a Zendesk ticket as well, to give more attention to the problem (although it is already known by Asobo)?

I’m new here and must be confused about how a paid for product should work. It appears that Asobo can force an update on me that I don’t want or need. They can do so in the full knowledge that it breaks a long established peripheral that is key to the way a lot of people use the product.

And now we should be voting, to beg them to sort their act out. This is an absolute disgrace. I’ve wasted hours today because of this issue and I’m not an Asobo beta tester!!

Does the reference to trackir issue in the release notes, excuse them forcing junked software on the people who pay their wages?


For me as soon as I go to use the mouse to interact with a control, that’s it, no more head tracking.

I was looking forward to this update, but I’m not playing it without head tracking! Needs fixed ASAP!

Double punch in the guts is I bought the latest Tobii Eye tracker several months ago and returned it as not enough games supported it, would have loved to use it in this game (although TrackIR is more accurate).

No. The Fault has been Acknowledged and Logged. They know all about it.

Reckon it’s a sit tight and wait - reckon we’ll get a Hotfix for Track IR and the Mouse Legacy thing which people are also complaining about.

BUT, bear in mind - both things are fixable. Just Read back on this thread and the Solution - for now - not ideal - but good enough, is there.


So disapointed by a new bug affecting so many simmers. But I’m so happy to see I’m not alone. It’s the first time I’m pleased to endlessly scroll down the all thread seeing how the community, so claimed important by Microsoft, can be united.

The workaround (assign a shortcut to “Toggle Head Tracking”) is working… but overall it’s ruining the immersive experience. At the opposite direction from the reason we’re using MSFS.

Voted. Of course.


Work around for me…
I typically pause TrackIR during startup, setting radios, heading, altimeter, etc. look, pause, zoom, set instruments, unpause, unzoom, etc.

I added 2 buttons to my throttle

  1. Toggle head tracking on/off
  2. Reset cockpit view - which recenters my view (I added it to the same button I used to center trackIR) Now it resets and centers MSFS view and centers TrackIR.

So if I pause TrackIR it toggles “head tracking” off, if I unpause TrackIR it only turns on TrackIR, head tracking is still off. So I pause, then unpause, click, click

Then I use my mouse to position my view where I want it - because “head tracking off, auto centers your view.”

  • (doing this creates a new center position for TrackIR, so you have to “reset your cockpit view.”)

When I’m done, I press the button to toggle head tracking on, then hit my button that recenters TrackIR/and/Resets Cockpit view to center.

Closest I can come to making it usable for what I do.

Hope it helps…


Same for me, interrupt the leds to the TrackIR and switches TrackIR off :roll_eyes: Added a hotkey to the throttle

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Go to your keyboard settings find “Toggle Head tracking”and assign a key to turn it on.
Thank you SU7 for adding this easter egg!!!


I agree 100% but unfortunately Microsoft holds all the cards here. They can shut the game down right now or make it look like an Atari game and there’s absolutely nothing we can do about it except complain on forums.

The days of physically owning modern games are long gone. I still have FS2004 on CDs and can pop it in any time, granted I can find a system that runs it. For MSFS, however, we’re basically “streaming” their game on our hardware rather than owning it.

I decided I’m not supporting anything in MSFS until TrackIR gets fixed. Simple as that. I’m going to do all my talking with my wallet. This weekend I was definitely going to pickup Reno and Aerosoft Simple Traffic which I will not do now. The Twin Otter is due out shortly as well, amongst a few other things I was going to pick up. As far as I’m concerned any flight sim is unflyable without TrackIR, so not buying anything will not be hard to do as I will not be flying. So Asobo, for me, you broke the game/sim and I now find it unplayable where just a few days ago it was absolutely perfect. Please fix at your earliest convenience.


Same here and same workaround.

Hope it does get fixed shortly.

Same problem.
New Update, New problems

stops working randomly for no apparent reason. Plus I hate how you have to toggle on Track IR now from inside the cockpit each time. It was better having it always on. Can there please be a Track IR option in the main menu?


I have the same problem. Hope there will be a hotfix otherwise we at least have to wait till february.