Track IR Stops Working

Oh god. This is not good. I rely on TIR and the pause function a lot while flying like the rest of you. Please fix this ASAP. You’d think that they wouldn’t have let this one slip by. There’s A LOT of TIR users out there who are NOT happy right now Asobo.


yes, you need to activate once flight is loaded in the camera views
also you can set a keyboard shortcut to enable/stop head tracking.

Hadn’t updated yet. Guess I’ll fly a different sim until it’s fixed. I really don’t enjoy flying without it, I have vr but I don’t feel like dealing with that.

Keep VOTING it up guys. TOP of this Thread.
Let’s get the HOTFIX.

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I restarted PC before flying and restarted Track IR, and the problem is still there.

Same, so frustrating!!! Back to DCS.


What a total screw up. TrackIR is one of the best things to happen to Flight Simming and having to fly without it is extremely depressing, especially knowing MSFS knew they borked it from the beta and left it that way. There’s a lot of angry simmers right now and going to be a lot more as more update. WTH were they thinking???

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Sorry was at hockey practice with the kids but yes for sure I’ll give this a try tonight.

So what we have right now is the most efficient Workaround;

ENSURE - in Controller Assignments that you have “Toggle Head Tracking” assigned to CTRL+H.

That way - when your Track IR receiver/ camera loses contact with your Headgear or goes “Off Screen” for a moment and RESETS your TRACK IR Settings in MSFS Camera Settings to OFF - it turns it back on - and you regain Track IR Focus in Game.

This is, of course, all in flight.

Seems the best we can do at present.

If you haven’t hit that VOTE Button - DO IT Now! - Top of the Thread.


Same for me, TIR totally off.

I can’t even understand that we can launch this SU7 with such a problem


What if you bind it to the same key you use to re-center TrackIR?

I hav ea button on my Alpha assigned to “recenter” wonder if I just assign that in sim to toggle head tracking. Kill 2 birds one stone.

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Try it and Report back here.
We’re all trying to make this functional in the easiest, simplest way - until they fix it.

I was hoping to take the Hornet for a Supersonic thrashing tomorrow - but there’s no way I’m going to try and fly it when I can’t even look down to start the APU.

Jorg - this is beyond the pale (stupid). Really needs fixing most timely. You can’t do an Update that breaks one of the Key Interfaces.
What the hell did you do that broke Track IR for goodness sake?


They managed to break Reverse Thrust as so nothing surprises me any more. TrackIR was working perfectly using the TrackIR software to handle the signal losses, why on earth Asobo thought they could do better I have no idea !


Did you just call Jorg stupid? :open_mouth: :wink:

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So disappointed :frowning:

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Absolutely not. And I think you know that.
I’m calling the Track IR oversight stupid.

I’m playing the ball not the man.
I think I read it somewhere that Jorg uses Track IR so - theoretically - he’ll be as frustrated as the rest of us which, should precipitate us a timely Fix.

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I can confirm this is a bunch of $#@#$%$# ! FIX THIS!!! Not right that we pay not only for the SIM and break it but to mess with hardware settings and break that as well?!? Obviously you don’t know the old adage of “If it aint broke then dont fix it!”

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This has really annoyed me. Really really annoyed me. How on earth am I supposed to interact with the cockpit if every time I pause TrackIR the view re-centres? Answer? It cannot be done effectively. End of. It’s bad enough that I have had to bind another button in order to turn it back on but this recentering every time I need to pause it is absolutely unforgivable. I’m livid.

Flight sim is utterly unplayable for me without this hardware. It’s the same as flying without a yoke or a joystick to me. After desperately scrambling to get a graphics card for the last year in a bad market in order to play this sim after many years away they have gone and broke it for me a week after I installed it. This is fundamental for crying out loud.

Please tell me they are going to patch this quickly because waiting for the next update next year is completely unacceptable.

Get it fixed. For goodness sake.

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Here’s what I have done.

  1. I have (always had) a button on my Alpha that recenter’s.
  2. I have mapped that same button within the controls of the sim to “Toggle Head Tracking”

When the TrackIR stops I hit my re-center button and it toggles it back on.

This does not work around the “re-center” issue as it still re-centers on pause, but at least its a way to re-engage without the mouse.


Thanks skypilot - that’s the FIX for now everybody.

I’m sure this will get a HOTFIX - but for now just do what skypilot advocates in the above post and you’re back in Track IR land. Bit of a pain - yes - but Operational - YES, so . . .

On we go.

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