Track IR support [Solved]

Anyone know how to get track IR to work?

Solved by doing below

You shouldn’t have anything to do. But you might need to do a game update in the TrackIR software if you haven’t done that recently. That’s unless something changed since beta

In the Beta it was automatic did not have to do anything for the sim to find it.

TrackIR should automatically work once you start the software for it


Try opening TrackIR first and then update it. (update icon is in the upper right)
Then start MSFS and it should automatically be recognized.

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Is there a key binding to toggle Track IR in the sim?

I too am struggling with Trackir…

Guys, make sure you have ‘check for game updates’ checked in TrackIR settings. Then you should see a ‘update available’ message in top right. Download that, restart TrackIR, then MSFS, then you should be ok.