Track IR unstability

I’ve been using opentrack for my Trackir grassmonkey hockeypuck for DCS and it has been working perfectly there. However when I try to use it for MSFS 2020 it shakes uncontrollably and renders the game unplayable. Is this a known issue?

I have had no issues with Trackir. Ensure you have Trackir updated using the update button in there. I don’t even really add a profile, I use the main default to set speed at 0.4 and smooth at 35. Works just perfect for me like that.

I never had a problem with my track IR. Did you check in the Track Ir software that you didn’t have a stray light (only 3 dots in the camera) ?

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Hi, I also own TRACKIR and am not having a problem either … Yes it’s true I was going to forget, the parasitic lights or even curb or even chain at the neck background of the parasites … :smirk:

yup I do only have 3 dots on the camera but the thing is that every tiny little movement is picked up by MSFS and making the camera extremely shaky

Are you using opentrack? I dont know what you mean by “set speed at 0.4 and smooth at 35”

Hi BungaKiinqz so I do not use Opentrack but for your question it is about the settings for the Trackir capture: Speed-> Speed of the movement of the head in the game
Smooth-> for his I don’t really know but I tested … when the value and at the highest total stability of the camera even if you move your head a little … Value at the lowest a lot of jerks small movement of the camera in games very unpleasant … :smirk:

TrackIR works fine here, but trying to set altitude or speed on those twisty nobs is hell! This meme could certainly apply


I see what the OP means, he’s using Opentrack, not Trackir so he should never have mentioned that as now several of us have answered concerning Trackir, which is a brand. You are not using Trackir, so what I said doesn’t apply to you. Different equipment, different software.

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Ah, good catch. He meant to say for “head tracking”.

Yeah, TrackIr is perfect but I’ve no idea about how to setup opentrack.

yup sorry I meant open track. I thought TrackIR was the category of products that are used for head tracking since they all work on the same principal

My track ir has worked fine with the update and using default config. Though one day it went crazy and completely unusable. Seemed to pick up light coming in from the window, even though it wasn’t sunny. Since closing the curtains it has been fine. Guess it is very sensitive to external light.


I wounder if the camera shake being on might cause that?

I have been doing some testing and I found something worth taking a look at it deeper.
I have Track Ir 5 with proClip and sometimes with no apparent reason I start getting “shutters” while moving my head arround. Initially I thought it was “game performance” however my fps counter remained stable, lets say 40-45 fps, however the game and image was shuttering when moving miy head around.
I have discovered that if at that moment I “pause” Track-Ir and use the mouse to control the camera, that one moves real fluid and nice with no shutter at all. Same FPS. Activate the Track Ir and the shutter may come back. I do not always have shutters with track-Ir but they came during some phases of the flight.
If you guys experience something similar would be worth to test this. “pause TrackIr” and move camera around with mouse (MMB) and check if the shuttering suddenly stops with that.

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I also have found with Trackir application open first, when FS2020 is then launched, it generally freezes the game at the point your loading your flight.
Is this a known issue.
I have found if I open the Sim first and then go through the Graphics setup to go to Window mode to launch Trackir etc I can get the tracker to work.
Seems a convoluted way. I thought I had read in earlier forums, this had been made compatible?

Yeah there is something wrong with the Track-Ir integration I have tested in more detail and when everytime I start to experience shutters if I pause Track ir and use the mouse to move the camera the shutters disappear.
I do not have shutters all the time, just from time to time, such after take off ect but when it happen most of the time I can “fix” it by pausing track ir and using mouse camera control.

I have not once had this happen, and have been using TrackIR since my very fist flight.

Works extremely smooth for me. I think you may have dead spots. Follow this and you should not have any more issues.


Thanks for the tip. Sadly this would not help me. I have been using Track Ir for years and it is properly configured. I have it run with FSX, and DCS among other sim and it works flawlessly since ever.
I cannot identify where the problem is but the fact is that even when my FPS counter is showing 40 fps in some cases, my simulation begings to shutter a lot. The moment I freeze the Track Ir and start moving my camera with the mouse the shutter dissapears.
During one flight I manage to use my Track Ir about 60-70% of the time and the rest of the time I need to pause it and manage the camera with the mouse. I have the feeling that a number of users that have a performance / shutters problem may have the same issue but it cannot be identified unless they pause the Track Ir when they have such shutters.
I hope they can find a solution since this is an inmersion killer and annoys a lot.

As I have been working on getting the sim to run at 60FPS, I have noted TrackIR seems to stutter in flight based on your framerate. At 60FPS and above, it is smooth as butter. When I get down to about 50FPS and below, it begins to stutter and the scenery / lighting blurs/stutters as you look around. So to me, Track IR seems to be tied up to sim frame rate, and will not be smooth no matter what you do. It seems to want 60FPS to be running as we all expect it to run, which it does in other sims.

My observations anyway. Maybe other can load into settings that get you at 60 FPS and see if they have the same experience.

I also found this comment over at Avsim:

“If your fps drops too much, TrackIR will be slower to move. There isn’t a delay, it just moves slower. Not generally a problem. If you get a stutter long enough to look like a pause, TrackIR freezes.”

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