Track IR unstability

I doubt that, as I lock my fps at 30 and my Track-IR is smooth and nice.

From the DCS forums I recall that trackir uses a refresh rate of 60 Hz. A lot of people set their framerate cap at 60 Hz, otherwise they get stutters in DCS. Now in msfs 60 Hz is not realistic for me, but 30 Hz is. That way, you get a trackir update every other frame. For me it is very smooth. Not really sure why other fps should cause stutters, but it is worth a try.

I’ll have to lock mine down to 30 in Nvidia control panel and try that also to test, as I can run a steady 55-60, 30 doesn’t even blink. Makes sense, I think the factor may be to have it STEADY no matter where you are. As you said, in DCS the issue if I recall was the FPS hopping up to 130 at times. It may be it just does not like frame rate jumping around, no matter if it’s 30-45 or 50-60.

Either way, mine works pretty well, and since I can’t use my triple monitors yet, it serves my purposes.

I’m not sure about this thread… are you having a Track IR product? Because my TrackIR v5 works fine after updating software and game list.

This is trackIR:

If you have some emulation I guess you have to ask whoever makes your software to support FS2020.

Edit: I had to buy curtains as my TrackIR was picking up sunlight from time to time causing my camera to go crazy.

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Just found this thread after posting my own. I too notice bad stutter/flicker/jitters with my TrackIR. However in my case it doesn’t seem to have anything to do w/ TrackIR as even when I pause it, and use the mouse or hat, any camera movement is still very unstable and jittery feeling. I have “good” fps around 40-50 but the camera shutters/jitters and flickering actually was making me feel sick and giving me a headache. Last night I experimented by setting all graphics to low and voila… Smooth as silk. (At 60fps, of coarse…)

I’m hoping to find a way to run higher settings while still keeping things smooth, without clamping it down to 30fps, but it sounds like that is what I’ll have to do…

I had posted earlier the same experience, that FPS affects your experience, and it takes about 50-60 at least in game. Others claim theirs is stutter free at 30 fps. I personally fail to believe that, but there is no point in arguing about it, maybe their idea of acceptable “smoothness” and “stutter” is different than mine.

The more I try to diagnose it, the more I’m concluding it’s not a problem with the “framerate” per say, it’s a problem with how stable the framerate is. In my case it spikes up and down pretty bad, so either running very low settings to achieve an easy 60fps or capping it at 30, either way with vsync, causes the framerate to be stable which then causes camera movements to smooth out too.
…at least this is my hypothesis so far. :slight_smile:

I think the other issue is that everyone thinks they’re having the same issue when really everyone’s experiencing different problems that are similar, but completely separate issues. Early on diagnosing my troubles, I was convinced it was a TrackIR problem based on anecdotal issues others were having with nvidia updates and such. Then I started reading of other issues with viewing 90* when turning causing bobbly camera movements (which I also experience but is a different issue all together.) So I was tempted to think that was another symptom of my same issue when it’s not. It’s just difficult to separate things out and pinpoint them each.

My Track IR was working flawlessly until last week. Now it will just freeze in middle of flight. The green light stays on, but the view is frozen at wherever I was last looking. If I was looking out the side, it’s locked there and I cannot fly anymore :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Which head piece are you using? The clip or the reflector on the bill of a hat? Mine is super sensitive to light CHANGES. If my wife walks past behind me it throws the track IR into a frenzy. when it happens, open the track IR window and see if there is a light source messing with you. Also and very important… If you wear glasses, the screen reflecting off of them will screw up the sensor reading. I move mine left of center sometimes and center to accommodate different lighting situations, ie. daylight, nighttime, overhead light.
I used the hat piece then switched to the clippy, no real change I guess

Been using OpenTrack with a EDTracker Pro Wireless without issues. Make sure you make a dedicated profile tuned for MSFS.

Can’t comment on actual TrackIR since I sold my TrackIR 5 unit months back.
A friend was complaining about his Smoothtrack setup but come to find out he was playing with less than 10fps.

Thx Jasono!
I realized that when I was trying to set up my Quest 2 VR wireless with Virtual Desktop (unsuccessfully, waiting for link cable), I changed some settings in the Windows device manager Natual Point properties resolution setting and compatibility with Win 8 mode.
It should work again now, I hope.
Will test this afternoon…
Thx guys! :ok_hand:

Track IR still freezes up. All lights respond (hat switch to turn off and on), but it’s frozen in the sim after about 5 minutes.
Also…I thought there was an automatic update or patch today (not uk delayed) to fix spikes etc…
Seems the same spikes still, so far.

Also I use opentrack with my delanclip tracker and I have 0 issues with it. Works perfectly smooth.

I have TrackIr 5 and have the stuttering related to its use. I found a thread on the NP website regarding the TiR5 and issues with MSFS and the only suggestion that helped was to raise the TiR5 priority to ‘High’ in Windows before opening MSFS. It helps a lot but you have to do it every time you run MSFS - there is no ‘saved state’ for that setting.
The TiR software is updated and calibrated. I use the clip and have no problems in any other simulator, but in MSFS while panning the camera view around there are still persistent micro-stutters that do not exist when TiR is NOT running. Something is still not right and all evidence points to MSFS compatibility

Not experienced this myself if it was down to msfs compatibility it would do it for everyone.

How does the sim run without it and what sort of frames are you seeing?

in the regions and locations I fly I see an average FPS over 60…
when I use the mouse for looking around and don’t use TiR everything is smooth except near the arrival airport. MSFS is probably lumping all of the airport data into one packet and shoving at us as soon as we’re within some hitbox boundary - dunno. But that stuttering is just a given.

When I use the TiR software and raise the priority it runs at to ‘High’ I don’t lose any frame rates - but the stuttering becomes more general…and If I pan quickly for some reason it will be more pronounced.

If I use Tir without raising the priority it is really laggy - in fact - just dragging the cursor across the screen on the desktop with only TiR running at normal priority and the cursor movement is staccato - not smooth.

Out of interest when using the sim with trackir do you enable the precision button in bottom right of trackir screen, that makes things smoother for me?

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Yes - I have used the F7 toggle to try and get better performance but not since the last TiR update.
Unfortunately that is unchanged. I see no variance using ‘precision’ in the micro-stuttering present under TiR.
The only thing so far that makes a difference is running the program at ‘High’ priority in Win10 - but it still isn’t as glassy as without runiing TiR at all.

That said - in all other simulations I have zero issues with TiR…ATS, RoF, IL2, DCS, all play well with it.

When was the last TrackIR update? I thought that there hasn’t been an update for ages.

A week ago or so I noticed the indicator at the upper right of the TiR screen - the one that says ‘updates’ on it. The app was updated once upon installation, and this last has been the 3rd update since March