Tracking Flight on Another Mapping Platform - Is it possible?

Hi Fellow Flyers,

Apologies if this has been addressed - I did a quick search and nothing really stood out as answering my question. Is there an application out there that would allow me to track my flight on a more detailed map (i.e. Google Maps)? I’d like more information on where I am and what I"m flying over, and the nav map just doesn’t offer that level of detail in the game. I know Infinite Flight has that capability through an app, so I was wondering if something similar has been developed for MSFS. Thanks in advance!

I use Little Navmap


Yep. You cannot beat Little Nav Map.

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OK great - I didn’t realize that app had that capability. Thank you all - appreciate the feedback.

A new addon appeared yesterday which may well satisfy your needs. It’s obviously in it’s first iteration but works okay and the developers have ideas for improvements. It’ll also allow you to view your flight on a separate screen, be it tablet, phone, or just a second monitor. Take a look, it’s easy to use.

I also use Little Navmap but it offers an awful lot and takes a bit of getting used to. I use it alongside the VFR offering.

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I use Plan-G which I used before with FS-X; seems to work fine.

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I have moved your question to General Discussion, as Wishlist is for requests for FS2020 only.

I use this Software, for P3D but they have a Beta working on the FS2020 platform.
30 day free trial, fully funcional


I use the same software I use for real flying on an Android tablet and phone, for both flight planning and as a back up for the GPS in whatever plane I’m renting, and for accessing approach plates and supplemental (AF/D) data. It’s called Avare and I wrote step by step instructions for connecting it to MSFS 2020 here. There’s bunches of videos on using the EFB on YouTube.

It has free access to sectionals and all available aviation data (IFR charts, approach/departure/arrival plates, AF/D data and much more), although, they would appreciate a donation if you use the software regularly to help maintain the aviation data which they keep up to date.

I like this one and run it in a browser anywhere on my network. For long flights I usually have it running on an iPad. Find it useful for long flights as you can change heading/speed/altitude etc. remotely.

This one is the best. Hands down. :slight_smile:

Another interesting program is SimToolkitPro. It’s free and offers many options, such as real routes lookup, integration to Simbrief for flight planning, maps with online ATC coverage, fleet management, logbook etc.

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We were missing ourselves exactly what you are asking for, so we created one. :wink: Maybe it is something for you, take a look here:

I use FS-FlightControl which has been around for a long time. Works great with MSFS and has many features in addition to flightplanning and map. The aircraft page allows you to control almost anything that you could inside MSFS, there’s pushback control, slewing controls, etc.

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