TrackIR Disconnecting

Since updating to I have suddenly started having issues with TrackIR disconnecting from the sim approx 75% of the time. It happens within 30 secs of turning on the headset. Until now this has been working flawlessly since it got set up in the Alpha phase. Could this be a Simconnect issue? Anybody else having similar issues?

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Hmm. I don’t have TrackIR but I do use OpenTrack which is essentially pretending to be TrackIR for games to recognise the data. This has been working for me on the few flights I have done.

WU6 could be coincidence. Verify it’s not the TrackIR unit itself when it disconnects in MSFS.

  • alt-tab and/or ctrl-alt-delete to run Task Manger (only a method to exit fullscreen in MSFS and to get to the TrackIR app. Check to see if the TrackIR is still functioning in the TrackIR app. This will tell you if it’s MSFS or TrackIR.
  • Also touch the TrackIR sensor unit itself, to see if it feels extremely hot to the touch.

Background: I have gone through about 6 TrackIR units over the last 11 years. Within the last few years, my units are failing like yours. They get extremely hot and stop functioning. My last one failed 1 week ago. I think it melted the board inside because Windows 10 no longer recognizes it as a USB device when plugged in. I immediately ordered a new unit, and will request an RMA from TrackIR for the failed unit (I want to have a backup unit ready for the next failure). My last unit only lasted me about 4 months before failure (failure prior to WU6). I checked online when I experienced the first failure a few years ago. There were/are several posts regarding overheating TrackIR units, amongst other issues.

Despite the seemingly short lifespan of TrackIR units, I still consider them a necessity. Hopefully your unit is still under warranty, in case you do need to have it RMA’d.

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Thanks for your reply, TrackIR is still working in the app which is why I suspect a SimConnect issue. The unit is receiving power still as the dull Blue indicator LED in the bottom centre of the unit flashes to indicate power is on. The app always connects initially (indicated by the same indicator LED being a steady bright Blue. And it “sees” the headset as indicated by the bright Yellow LED in the top centre of the unit. When I turn the headset on I can turn my head and it works but if it is going to lose connection with the Sim it will stop working within 30 secs. At that point the bright Blue LED goes out but the bright Yellow LED is still active. It does work sometimes but not others which is somewhat frustrating :roll_eyes:

My unit is either the 3 or 4 (can’t remember because I bought it so long ago!). I use the LukeClip V2 wireless headset (it is mounted to my headphones). The unit is attached to a USB 2.0 powered hub and does not appear to overheat (at least it doesn’t feel hot to me - its barely warm!)

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It’s not the hardware, there are lots of posts on the forum complaining about TrackIR disconnects going back through the last 4 updates to the game. The only way I can reliably start a new session i.e. restart of the sim, is to got to the Camera tab in TrackIR’s software and select the standard processing mode. This mode puts less strain on Simconnect as it’s only running updates at a much lower rate than the precision mode. Once you have managed to get into the sim after clicking Fly wait for about 20 seconds then switch the processing mode back to precision and you will be good to go.

One other thing I have noticed is that you shouldn’t start the session with TIR is paused mode, leave it active, otherwise it will still disconnect as you unpause even when in standard processing mode.

There is a way for Natural Point to force a reconnect but they haven’t released an update to the software in about 5 years so there is fat chance of getting them to fix it at their end.

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Not had any trackIR disconnects in a while. I did see a number of them together directly after SU5 (actual update day when everything was still really unstable) but I have not seen any since.

Note. I use either the wired pro headset or a delan fusion - and TrackIR is always on whenever my PC is on.

Noticed any Windows updates that might have changed your USB behaviour?

It works perfectly in other sims, including Xplane 11 and P3D v5 so it’s not my hardware


No problem here with Track IR.

Try swapping USB ports - it can be temperamental in that respect.

Report your findings.

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I’ve got lots of USB 2 and 3 ports I have a home cockpit. It’s Simconnect that has the issue, every other sim works perfectly. It’s just FS2020 that drops connection at the start of a new flight session when Simconnect is heavily overloaded by system initialisation.

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I’ve got no problems…so far, with TrackIR. It does get a little hot. Also, what does sim connect have to do with it…I don’t use it to connect my TrackIR, unless I totally forgot i did :grimacing:

I purchased mine about five years ago, maybe newer chips are the cause?
Anyway, good luck finding what happened.

BTW…have you checked for TrackIR updates in their app?

Have a look in the Naturalpoint install folder you will find a simconnect.dll :slight_smile: That’s how they connect to the sim.

I’ve had mine a bit longer than you too :wink:

They last updated the actual software around the time you bought it, lol. Game recognition updates dont count.

Good tip.
My TrackIR is more than 15 years old and never misses a beat… except for the disconnecting in MSFS 2020!

I’ve got TrackIR + hat clip (didn’t go for the fancy tracker). I’ve never had it disconnect in flight.

I have, however, had it not be recognized. I’ll boot up the sim, start a flight, and no TrackIR. I can confirm the software is running and functioning properly, but the sim fails to recognize it. I restart the sim, and it’s back again. And it works perfectly until I shut down the sim again. Then it’s the “will TrackIR work this time?” lottery anew next time I fire up MSFS.

It’s not something that happens every time. It’s neither predictable nor have I found a way to reproduce it. Seems very random.

I think the SimConnect overload is the clue in my situation. I have 12 devices reading data from the sim, so it makes sense.

And touch wood leaving it running, not paused has worked for me thus far.

I have a TrackIR disconnect problem as well since SU5. Mainly it happens when I start the sim a second time, after closing it before. It looks all normal (camera light green, tracker light green). As soon as I get into the flight and try to center for the first time I get a disconnect and no amount of restarting track ir will get it back. Only solution is to start the sim again and hope for the best.

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I have the exact same problem with my TrackIR.

I am not quite sure if the topic is correct in self service. It was working fine before SU 5 and does so in every other game :frowning:

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I’ve had the disconnection problem since the beginning.

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