TrackIR heavy drift

I’m having a pretty serious problem with TrackIR 5 in MSFS. My view starts to drift downwards after a couple of seconds in flight. I can re-center my view with the assigned key, only to have it drift down again immediately. This is reproducable, it happens every time I try to use TrackIR with MSFS. So MSFS currently is not usable with TrackIR for me at all.
When I look at the TrackIR utility program at the same time I’m experiencing the problems in MSFS, I see that the view there is perfectly ok - centered when I look straight ahead, no drift at all. So MSFS → drift down until I literally look at the pilot seat, TrackIR utility program → normal orientation.
The TrackIR camera is connected directly to a USB on the computer, no USB hub involved.
I noticed this behaviour first the first time I used MSFS after the Dezember patch.
Does anyone have any idea how this can be fixed? Right now it is holding me off from using MSFS at all - the experience with TrackIR is so much better than without, and it will be some time before I can get a VR headset.

I have used TrackIR for years, and haven’t had a problem with FS2020 BUT ONCE, and it started acting crazy in sim even though in the test screen acted fine. It took me a bit to think, and then I noticed that I moved a burning candle on the night stand about 5 feet behind my seat, and the IR receiver was picking that up and throwing it for a loop. Moved the candle, Viola, no more problems.

Not saying that’s your issue, but check and see what’s going on around you, if there are candles, windows, lights, reflective material, etc that the IR reciever might be picking up.

Just in case someone else runs into a similar problem:
In my case the problem seems to have been that somehow the control for vertical view orientation was hooked up to an input from my pedals. I have no idea how this happened, but after resetting the controller profile for the rudders to default my problem went away.
TrackIR was completely blameless. Big kudos to their exceptional support who helped me to track down the problem.

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