TrackIr not recognised

Hi Everybody,

Very happy with this release but I am not able to use my TrackIr.
The device is On but the game doesn’t seem to recognised it.

How does it supposed to work ?


Hello. Is the TrackIR software running with Tracking enabled/not paused?

Are you talking about in the controls menu, in the sim, or both?

Some quick thoughts of the top of my head;

  1. Make sure your TrackIR game library is up to date

  2. The clip needs to be in the camera’s view for the device to show up in the controls menu. Fun Fact, at the controls menu if keep looking away and back you’ll see TrackIR keep disappearing and re-appearing in the device list.

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Which TrackIR version do you have ??

Did you download the latest driver for trackir?

The light on the right of the TrackIr was not ligthning while the sim was on.

Rayen got the point. The TrackIR software was running and not paused but the TrackIr Game library was not up to date.

Very fast / good answer !

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Thanks, game lib update did the trick and now TIR is working fine.