TrackIR Stopped Working

Hi Guys, I’ve been using TrackIR successfully for many years and since it was supported in MSFS, however since today, it stopped functioning. I followed all the advice from the Natural Point site and actually got it working for a brief time by downloading all outstanding Windows updates. After a reboot the TrackIR worked fine for about 10mins and then stopped again.

Has anyone else noticed this issue? Searching the forums for TrackIR has a history of it stopping due to Windows updates. I’m wondering if this is happening again.

Have you tried using another tool, something like Opentrack (it is for free and works with TrackIR hardware)? Just to check if it is a sortware issue or hardware issue?!

Try a different USB port?

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no findings here. what did you change since it worked?
and please narrow the problem a little bit: what stopped working?
Track ir under MSFS? is it still present in the control section of MSFS?
Is the Trackir software still working though MSFS does not? Version is 5.4 afaik
Is the profile still valid? does the profile match the title?
are there any conflicts with the hotkeys? pause or change profile might be in use?!
If you use the clip: are the LEDs powered? can you see them in the software? check camera - also for more than 3 dots ie reflections that cause errors…


at first we have to find out whether MSFS lost “connection” to TrackIR or whether TrackIR works in general not.

For this, please check the TrackIR application ( version should be somewhat with 5.4.2 ):
in case where TrackIR stop working , open the appliction which should already run in background and check whether your movement is recogniced .

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Micha, sorry, I was too slow editing my post :slight_smile: difficult with one cat on my arm…


@CPTRoth,… I know exactly these situation :joy:

And your update of post does realy ask the right things :+1:t2:

Thanks Guys, appreciate your comments.

USB Port: I can confirm that the device is recognized, as it audibly confirms a connection after being plugged in. It also can be found in the list of devices. Haven’t tried a different port but as I said, the device is recognized when connected so the port appears to be OK.

TrackIR Application: This shows the device as READY, green indicator but no movement on cross hairs or if heads chosen, no movement. I’ve downloaded fresh software and re-tested with the same behavior.

Thinking the device was damaged: This is my second TrackIR. The first one was affected by a thunderstorm and was completely dead. I’ve had this one for over ten years. I can Pause it - It lights up with the usual red light and you can see it polling occasionally as it does when idle. In addition, I noticed from forum details where many years ago, a window update caused issues and a number of people suggested they had very similar behavior to my device. I did notice the PC did an auto update in the last couple of days, so I went to the Update app and checked for any updates and downloaded any outstanding ones. After a reboot TrackIR sprang into life as soon as I loaded it up however after viewing the Heads display and moving my head and recentering etc, it stopped working. The only way I could get it to work again was to reboot and load TrackIR up again. Once working I opened XPlane 11 and it worked perfectly during my testing (around 5 - 10 mins). I then closed XPlane and loaded MSFS. Firstly the device wasn’t listed and no TrackIR movement was active. So I rebooted and attempted to first just get it working in the TrackIR app but no success.

The device is a TrackIR 4 but using the latest drivers for TrackIR 5. It has been working perfectly for more years than I can remember. Wouldn’t fly without it on a monitor and use it often in FSX, P3dV4.5, XPlane 11.5 and MSFS.

One thing I’ll do today, is fire up my previous PC and plug in TrackIR. If it works, I know it isn’t the device.

My reason for checking here, is the vast number of people that have requested TrackIR support that, if it’s a problem effected by a Windows update, would also be affected like me. I’m just ruling out possibilities.

Hope this provides sufficient details to help you with suggestions.

I have limited experience in fixing as am still on track ir number one. Are you using track clip pro or the metal one? Have you tried both?
This may be an obvious question but have you spoken to naturalpoint? I’m thinking (in my case) the track ir kit has been reliable so maybe there is an issue with windows/ the sim? Try the other PC and maybe xplane again. Apologies if these are things already tried or suggested, am just thinking on my feet.

And let’s face it the sim has plenty of bugs we know about. In my case, on several occasions it has failed to recognise track ir and needed to be completely rebooted…

I am also running TrackIR4 with the latest software, so I think, this is not causing the problems…
I noticed some delay when launching the software since a few weeks but most of the time, it continues to work or I reboot the PC. In my case, the boot order is important: TM Hotas, then TrackIR, then FSUIPC , MPanel, Steam,…
You wrote, it wasn´t listed (under controls in MSFS I assume), so you rebooted (whole PC?) and the TrackIR App wasn´t working - so it was without a running MSFS…that narrows the troubleshooting a lot!
I am not a fan of:“Uninstall and Reset your PC, or Windows etc” so I´d go 3 ways:
1st try it without a virus scanner - if you feel saver, disconnect internet first. Some scanner might trouble the software.
2nd check the cabels: the usb cable at this device is very sensitive and doesn´t like tension etc…might be a short circuit. btw: check if the tracker has moved! mine was scanning the sky once since one of my cats moved it once…
3rd try a different usb port or unplug other devices that you don´t need like printer, etc maybe the current is too low.
Last but not least: If the TrackIR software was frozen, I´d bet it´s software related: Try a different PC if possible so you can sort the other points out…
Good luck

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Update on this issue: I set up my old computer that is configured to use TrackIR and it behaved the same as it does on my current computer. This points to a device failure in my opinion, so I’ve placed and order for a replacement unit. I suppose I’ve had a good run out of it and an updated model will be welcome.

Thanks again for your input into the problem.

possible a cable-break issue… there is not much what can be damaged :roll_eyes:

Shame, hope they are in stock! Would be good to know how you get on with the replacement.

yep, sounds like hardware…if you can´t get a replacement, consider EDtracker or something similar. Good results for less money. Too bad, we couldn´t help you with this :frowning: