TrackIR Stops Working - My Fix (so far, so good)

i9-10850k / 32G / RTX3070Ti (DX12 w/ SD)

I was getting the dreaded TIR freeze ups almost immediately when I switched to DX12. I’d also get them with DX11, but they were few and far between.
Tried the in-sim “camera fix”, but that didn’t work for me, so I thought I’d just check the right-click properties on the shortcut. Surely I had the old “Run as Administrator” checked. Nope. I did a clean system reload months back and never bothered to verify I had changed it.
As I said, so far so good, as I’ve only had a few flights. I’ll update if any changes.

In case you don’t know where to look:
Right click the TIR shortcut and pick properties
Shortcut tab > Advanced… > check “Run as Administrator” box > OK
Compatibility tab > Settings - check “Run this program as Administrator” box > Apply

a note: running a game as admin should not necessary. If have zero issues with TrackIR and I start the game with my normal user rights ( but steam version ).

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To clarify, it’s tir that I’m running as admin. Anyway, it’s working for me so, there’s that

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ah… thanks for clarify… Its also not necessary in my case, but starting this single app only in admin is better then starting games in admin mode :slight_smile:

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