TrackIR stops working shorty after restarting the sim (with workaround)

TrackIR stops working in the sim shortly after restarting the sim.

Workaround: Restart TrackIR client every time you restart the sim. Very annoying, i hope they will address this. This happens 100% of the time for me.

It’s never happened here.

I have opened a Zendesk ticket and they say they will consider it a bug. My issue is that TrackIR stops working randomly - sometimes just about the time I get my flight programmed into the FMS or sometimes an hour or so into a flight, and sometimes it works great for many many hours…it’s random as far as I can tell from my own personal experience.

The green light on the right side of the camera goes out and the TrackIR stops tracking head movements. The USB never disconnects. I have to restart the sim in order to get it working again.

Anyone else getting similar issues with TrackIR?

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Yes, almost every other flight. Works for about 5 seconds after I unpause TrackIR, then the game link light goes out and everything stops. Have to completely restart the sim—restarting TrakIR won’t work nor will unplugging/replugging.

I can leave trackIR paused forever and it stays up, it just quits once I actually start to head track.

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I have the same problem with my TrackIR. Always have to restart the sim to get it working again.

Just wondering if you all have “High Performance Power Mode” selected in your profile so Windows wont try to turn off devices?

Yes I have.

When I shutdown the sim and restart, it still works until I move my head for 2 seconds and it stops working, 100% of the time.
So every time I restart the sim I will also restart the trackIR client, and it doesn’t happen anymore.

This happens for me as well. I’ve been in contact with TrackIR over this issue since June but never had a solution beyond “restart trackir between every load”. I suspect how trackir identifies or the game reports it’s process is not resetting.

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I raise the subject… after the last SU10 update I have exactly the same problem as soon as I get on the plane after a few seconds the light goes out and it’s over. It is necessary to restart the simulator so that I recover the functionality. And unfortunately it happens three times out of four… anyone have an idea???