Trackir5 issue

Hi guys … I have been having problems with the trackir5 for a few days … Right after the last update … Same problem … It turns off after a few seconds … I deleted the XML file but from an upload all else the problem recurs … Any ideas? Thanks

PLEEEEAAAAASEEEEE use the search, this has been a topic of dozens of threads since SU7. Asobo even had the nerves to list TIR under their “known issues”…

and yes… it’s completely broken. As so many other things.

This is a known problem that is reported elsewhere in this forum.

You need to enable the TrackIR under the camera options. It turns off when the camera looses contact with your TrackIR clip. Set an assignment on your keyboard or controller to start the TrackIr until a fix comes along.


There is a known issue with TrackIR. Please see this topic in #bugs-and-issues