Traffic still appearing even when multiplayer/traffic set to OFF


Strange one this.

Why am I still seeing either multiplayer or live traffic, even though I have both turned off. It’s causing quite a number of inappropriate stutters.

No 3rd party content installed, other than a few aircraft from the marketplace.

Ground Aircraft Density is turned to 0 too?

When you see other traffic, do you mean airborne / moving about? Or static parked somewhere? If the latter, turn the ground aircraft density slider to 0.

As well, where did you turn it off? In the map menu or in the Data section of options? May want to turn it off completely in Data.

I’ve turned it off in both map/Data.

I’ll check GD. Would have thought if it was OFF it wouldn’t show.

No, ground density is just airport “filler” not associated with traffic so it’s seperate.

I also experience this. PC, initial install was SU9 with the build prior to the TG DLC. Annoying when you’re trying to test performance in a somewhat controlled manner.