Train for emergencies with this new FREE tool

This looks interesting and more flexible than the included failure system.


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At the moment we don’t need an error system, neither the internal nor a 3rd party error system.
Just use the simulator after Patch #2 and you will have lots of failures and critical situations during flight and approach.
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Sorry, I could not resist.


This is fantastic. I’ve been wanting something like this since FSX days. I was thinking about building it myself, but now I don’t have to. :slight_smile:

Just my opinion, but the problem with failure systems, at least in this game and back to FSX is that they are too mechanical. You have to set them up by adjusting sliders and percentages in each system, which results in a shock factor of zero when it occurs in the game. Well of course it failed, you turned the probability up to the point that it was definitely going to happen.

Fish’s solution: a checkbox - failures on or off. RNG takes over from there. This will result in oh ■■■■ moments rather than oh yeah moments.

This is not a true failure system at all. It simply randomly cut off engines or circuit brakers that control avionics like you said. What we need is a stress and wear based failure system. Maybe even a persistent one like Reality Expansion Pack wear simulation.

On top of that for emergency training, you also need recovery systems modeled, like cross bleed for multi engine turbines.

I’m not as advanced as you, or probably many people here. For me, I just want the excitement of ‘oh ■■■■, something important just died.’ It ruins the surprise when I have to turn it on myself.

Awesome, but not needed right now. Like @moadib2709 said, the sim itself offers a creative range of failures right now. Was on approach and tried to click the ATC button. But with the latest patch we’ve got a new button called Active Pause right next to it and there’s no way to remove it. So I accidentally clicked on it, realized what happened and clicked it again to disable it. Boom! Autopilot pitches up 50 degrees and plane stalls and spins. Can your tool do this? NOPE! (p.s. it’s not an issue with the autopilot. The issue is with the devs shoving the useless and unnecessary Active Pause button down our throat).

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