Training : Basic Handling : Attitude Lesson - The visual aids are incorrectly constructed and shown

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This is happening on PC.

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This is the Microsoft Store version.

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No add-ons.

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No developer mode, no changes.

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The training lesson in basic handling about attitude (pitch) shows three red lines on screen and asks the student flying to change the attitude of the plane to match the lines. The problem is that the lines do not start out lining up to the horizon on some, or perhaps most systems. There are several reasons for this. The simplest way to say it is the lesson draws the red lines in the wrong place.
The more advanced way to say this is that the initial camera position in cockpit is not set to the right position to allow the red lines drawn to line up with the actual scenery outside. If the authors of the training material had placed the red lines out in 3D space outside the plane, at a distance of several kilometers, then the orientation of the pilots head would not matter. I do not have VR hardware, or head tracking, but I would imagine that if you used those, the training material will probably show that the red lines move up and down on your monitor, as you move the camera around. Since these lines cannot be guaranteed to ever be anywhere near where the lesson wants you, and since the lesson itself is measuring your attitude (pitch), the lesson is very confusing, and nearly impossible to do correclty, because you’re being asked to line up to something that does not line up. In order to make this completely crazy bug absolutely clear, I have uploaded a video to Youtube which I will link here.

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Try the tutorial “attitude” in the handling section. Remember that the on screen narrator does not tell you to adjust your camera. Now, try the tutorial on various size monitors and with various camera positions. However Microsoft MSFS is setting the initial camera position and however the lesson red lines are drawn, they are misleading and “not appearing in the right place”.

If the lesson had pointed you to the instrument cluster and zoomed in on the instrument showing the planes attitude and artificial horizon, the whole lesson would have become much easier. In fact the lesson could have been conducted by forcing the student to fly merely with their cockpit instruments taking up the whole screen. The red lines are a perfect example of someone doing a completely unnecessarily complex task, and doing it completely wrong.

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Not significant for this issue. However if you’re going to fix this I would recommend making a fix that is also compatible with users with head tracking or VR gear. The problem is clearly one of bad design of the lesson.

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September 2021 latest Microsoft Store version . You know you could make it easier to find the version number, since you want people to report it.

Are you on the Steam or Microsoft Store version?

Microsoft Store, September 2021 latest.

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no zendesk.

Similar “impossible” or “badly miscalibrated” training bug report

It turns out that Mixture is not mentioned by the teaching system but is important to get decent climbs out of the Cessna you’re flying.

Later lessons give you 0% for “managing power” without explaining what they even mean:


Hi ,

I looked for this problem having been reported and didn’t find so I reported a couple of days ago then whilst looking to see if there was any replies I found your report of it.
There have been 2 MSFS2020 updates this week and neither fixed this problem and for me it’s a recent problem since the training modules were changed from the original several months ago.

The same bug is in the vfr lessons.


I just tried this lesson and had to pitch up so much the horizon was behind the engine cowling to get the climb to register, and the lesson reset due to a “dangerous” situation before I could get the descent line to register, so something’s still wonky here.