Training flight Solo Flagstaff to Sedona "Landed at wrong place?"

When completing the last training flight 8 Flagstaff to Sedona. After landing I’m told I’ve landed at the wrong place ? But I’m at Sedona, so fail and it suggests doing it again. So far I’ve landed at Sedona in each runway direction and also did a downwind circuit before landing - just the same, landed in the wrong place according to the game ?

Also if I progress between each training flight by doing the “Next” route MSFS crashes. Have to go back up to main menu and down again to avoid this - rather buggy software after all the hype.


Please submit this as an issue to Zendesk. Make sure to give them as much information as you can about how you progressed through the training flight. Thanks.

Probably you’ve landed on wrong runway side? AFAIR sim shows exactly to land on 03, not 21. At least in lesson 7 I’ve missed that point and the instructor said something like “You are not supposed to land here”

Thanks for your interest. So far I’ve come in on both 03 and 21 directions - same message. As said, also did a downwind circuit like the previous training and then landed on 21. Still mystified but thanks for your reply.

After take off did you follow the road? Fly the correct heading? Achieve the objective of locating the Munds Golf Club (you actually have to fly over it) Also did you Start your stop watch and restart at appropriate times (don’t know if required or not). But make sure to pay attention the objective windows. I have flown that training session successfully two times. So it can be done. For the landing circuit I flew on the right side of the airport before turning for the final approach.

I think that the reason is a missed point somewhere along the way. I had this several rimes in one of the earlier training flights. Check that you are completing each leg fully.

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Agree with this.

I’ve done this a few times and you have to follow each leg correctly. If you’re doing circuits, you have to hit each leg quite precisely. If you’re doing your solo or nav flight, you have to hit each point or it’ll tell you you’re not supposed to land there. The training is a little unforgiving and needs some work. I’m sure it’ll come with time.

Many thanks for all the suggestions. Prob I’m missing the waypoints as I was just following the Navlog bearing for x mins then the next for y mins until I saw the airstrip and landed. The “wrong place” message is a bit confusing.
Thanks all - I’ll try again.