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Flying a kite for advice here (no pun intended) my new Rig, complete with 3090 card, arrives around middle of August. (I didn’t have to sell a kidney but my bank account certainly felt the pain)

Anyways, I’m still at the installation (on what will become my OLD Rig) and set up of my Hotas (CH Products) and purchase of external add ins like meshes and small aircraft.

I’m happy with everything so far and probably later on today or tomorrow will launch myself into what will more than likely be a crunch landing or two.

Here’s the Question.
Do I have to uninstall on my OLD machine or deregister in some way in order to Install everything on my NEW Rig when it arrives?

I’m not trying to rip anyone off by having two versions, remember everything is linked to my MS Account, just trying to prepare adequately.

Thanks all.

I have done exactly the same as you intend to do and I did not need to deregister in order to install on to a new PC.

I just set the new PC up installed MSFS as normal from my Microsoft Store account and off we went. All of my profiles that I had set up for my controllers were immediately available on the new installation, quite painless really.

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No probs to have on multiple machines/consoles. The only restriction is that you will only be able to run the game on ONE device at a time. If you are already logged into a session then your new session will ask if you want to log in and boot the other session out.

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I installed a new SSD and copied the data across from old to new. MSFS works but if I try to move something from the Community Folder the system prevents it. The only option is to delete and reinstall and I cannot keep a copy of older versions of the Community Folder. One day I’ll get around to reinstalled from scratch.

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