Transferring the install when migrating PCs without a redownloading everything


I currently run MSFS(Windows store version) with the content files (OneStore, Commmunity folders) on a data drive SSD.

I’m migrating to a new PC soon. If I transfer the drive or just copy the MSFS folder to the new machine’s data drive, would that work to prevent a re-download? ie. run the store installer on the new PC, then just point it at the existing data folders & it’ll be done? Or will it want to overwrite the whole thing with a full redownload?


Hi @Kilkenny99!
See if this topic may help:

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Thanks. I’ll give that a try when the time comes.

I recently did it with a fresh Windows 11 install

I moved the OneStore and Comunity Folder to another drive.

In the new machine install MSFS. In the first run and continue normal install Select folder and when it start to download the base files after a minute pause it and exit.

Find the new Onestore folder and copy over it all the backed up files.
I dont know if its necesary but i omited only the copy of the folder wich was downloading at the moment I paused the install (you will see a temp file with the same name on the new Onestore folder).

Restart MSFS, it will show to download only the remain of the temporary file interrupted download (in my case 500MB) let it finish and you are done.

The Community folder its simply copy over but as a precaution I copied it after the first normal load.

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Thanks for the tip

Im running the same install on two different versions of windows, and old old old install (win7 days) and one thats a brand new win10, when I boot into one of them it always asks where the install is located. I just point it to the location of where the .exe file is located and off it goes. No extra download needed. So I would.
a. move the ssd to the new machine.
b. goto steam / ms store and download the loader from there.
c. when it asks you for the location of the install (during the check for update phase) point it to the
new ssd drive/dir of where the .exe file for the sim resides
d. wait 10 min’s for it to load and you should be all set.

Now since you wont be switching OS’s back and forth it should only do this once, but I make no guarantees on that fact…