Transition from Rift S to Reverb G2

I have such a question / problem and I hope that you will help me
I am currently using a Rift S (i7 8700K; 1080Ti; 32RAM) with SS = 1.7 which translates to a resolution of = 2176x244 per eye.
If I bought a G2 and used with native resolution 2160x2160 and SS = 1, would the impressions (sharpness), and most importantly, the smoothness of the simulation remain the same as with the Rift S + SS 1.7.
Does buying a G2 make sense with my equipment ???
I use MSFS and XP.
Thanks for any suggestion.

I just purchased the G2. I also have the Q2. The recent update in Oculus Quest 2, has pushed it to incredible clarity now. If I had known the Q2 was going to get this good, I probably wouldn’t have bought the G2.
With that said, the G2 is markedly clearer. It always will be because it’s native resolution is simply higher.
Your system is kinda older and may give you issues with newer higher end peripherals. Keep your setting dialed low and work it up slowly.

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I owned a rift s with a 2070 super (similar performace as your 1080ti) in December when VR initially came out. Soon after in January I bought the reverb G2 because I wasn’t satisfied with the clarity. The G2 improved the clarity with the 2070 super but wasn’t good enough. I couldn’t get SS=1. In February I bought a 6900 xt and run with SS=1 in the game and SS=70% in openxr. With these settings I can set all the other game settings to high or ultra and the clarity is great.

Note: a big benefit of the reverb G2 is it’s a WMR headset meaning you can run the game using Microsoft’s openxr platform rather than Steam’s openxr implementation. It’s your choice which you use. There’s a noticeable improvement of Microsoft’s implementation over Steam’s for this game. When I run the game through steam I have to lower the settings to avoid stutters and therefore the clarity drops.

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I use to G2 on a 2080ti… switched from Oculus Rift S and did a lot of comparison back and forth before I settled on the G2. Now this is before Q2 and their recent improvements really took of so can’t say that I would make the same choice today.

Flew XP with the Rift S a lot and loved it there, but from what I understand XP does not support G2 controllers yet so you might check that and keep it in mind before making the jump to G2, then you would be kind of committed to MSFS.

But all in all I think the G2 is still the king of shapness but if its worth the extra coin and transition to other softerware / comitment to MSFS is ofc up to you.

If you know someone who owns it I would ask for a try before making the final call though.

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I went from a Rift S at 1.3ss to a G2 and the difference is dramatic. SDE is 90% better and the clarity, colours and black levels are hugely improved.

Your 1080ti isn’t going to cut it, but it should run the Quest 2 ok afaik


I have very similar system to you but with a 3080. With the right settings, it runs fine. I’d recommend upgrading your GPU to get the most out of the G2.

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