Translate Cockpit view backward issue

I have been trying to set up cockpit camera views to tour the inside of an aircraft. All the translate camera commands seem to work with the exception of translate camera backwards. I set Alt + Cntl + B and the camera will only go back to the pilot seat. Tried other key combinations and same effect. The camera won’t move to the back of the aircraft. What am I missing? Thanks in advance for any help.

I have similar issue, having mapped the cursor keys to translate cockpit cam fwd, backwards, left, right, I cant get it to go back enough. I’m playing with matching up multi-monitor views and at zoom level which lines up best I’m sitting far too close to the dashboard & instruments, but am at the limit of my backwards movement.

Same here. Anyone knows if there’s a possibility to switch this off? In some aircraft I can even move out of the fuselage.

There’s a collision box modelled into each aircraft, which unfortunately prevents you from moving the cockpit camera to the back of some aircraft or outside it. Some aircraft’s box isn’t present, or is much better designed.

This needs to be revisited by Asobo’s modellers unfortunately.

There’s 2 ways around it:
Easy way if you’re just wanting a screenshot is to use the drone camera and move it inside the plane.

If you’re wanting a cockpit camera to be further back, you’ll have to manually edit the camera.cfg for each aircraft and move one position more rear outside of the box (remember the default number). From there you can save some user camera views (CTRL-SHIFT-number). Recall those by pressing ALT-number.
Once they’re saved, close the sim and revert that change you made back to where it was.

Take a copy of that file and put it somewhere else. Next update, it could get overwritten again.

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Yes, that’s annoying.

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