Translation in community

I hope translation functions come to this site. Non English speakers couldn’t understand messages totally.

Like Facebook messenger, interpreting to local languages is great helpful!

Not necessary in principle.
If you use Google Crome you can change the right mouse button page in your language and read everything in your language.

There is one. On posts that aren’t in your language, look for the little globe symbol.


Yup. The functionality already exists. Doesn’t change the fact that the forum rules state all posts are to be in English except in select categories for multiplayer. That’s pretty much a general rule for most large forums in their general sections.

Like it or not, English is the language of business across the planet.

And quite right too!

Hi All…

As @GameBlogger3710, and @Crunchmeister71 have pointed out, each post has a translate button :globe_with_meridians: which attempts to translate posts into your language. However, we have not got the ability to programmatically convert messages written in non-English languages to English.

The forums translate feature uses Bing Translator. If it does not support your language you can manually use another translator like Google Translator. Alternatively, some browsers like Chromium-based browsers may offer a ‘translate this page’ option when you open a topic.

When posting, the onus is on the user to make sure their topic is in English. We understand that this is inconvenient for non-English users. However, it is a necessary requirement, as we don’t have the bandwidth to moderate the forums in other languages, using a singular language provides a more consistent experience for our users and the developers and Microsoft staff all speak English.

I see… I am not speaking English fluently, but I will try to write and understand English sometimes by using web services as you introduced to me. Additional picture shows how I am doing so. Thank you very much good advice.


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