Transmit key for pilot controlled lighting

At night, runway & other airport lighting at many airports goes dark, but can be turned on by tuning comm to CTAF & tapping the transmit key usually 7 times.
Is there a transmit key in MSFS & where is it?

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No there isn’t, unfortunately.

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I have been to a few airports where that frequency is listed, but as suggested above it doesn’t actually do anything? Could a scenery developer script that, maybe?

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PCL is used by pilots to turn on runway lights at airports that provide this service. The pilot tunes his comm to the appropriate frequency (usually CTAF for that airport) and quickly taps the transmit key, usually 7 times. At some airports the number of taps also controls lighting intensity.

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Personally, I am glad they did not include this option in MSFS.
Can you imagine the programming effort trying to keep up with availability and/or frequency changes at airports that use this method of night lighting control across the entire globe.

Rather they spend programming resources with clouds, autopilots, weather, multimonitor, flight models, new aircraft, bug fixes and scenery enhancements.

FSX used to have this functionality… because there is a comm key in FSX because FSX used to have built in communication for multi-player. The code is already there.

I think just an 'Activate lighting" selection in the comms panel would be fine. Real life PAL is a pain in the ■■■■ to be honest. The good ones will have a discrete frequency and a voice response “AIRPORT LIGHTING ON” or similar, so you know you got it right. Other’s are on the CTAF frequency and don’t say anything.

I was making a late night approach at Broome, Australia once and I thought I’d key’d the lights correctly, but on short final they switched off, d’oh. They’d been on from the previous aircraft to land and timed out on me.

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