Transparent strips in the mountains!

The ones I saw that were actuallly roads were on Crete - I’ve been flying out from LGTL and mostly head to the East. I’ve got loads of screenshots so I’ll see if any show it - if not I’ll take some.

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I found some screenies - one of them definitely isn’t a road, though:

These two are just resolving into normal textures:

…and slightly OT, but whilst looking for that I spotted something else - look at this dark line across the scenery:

Still some optimising to do!

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I have exactly the same problem (and voted). When taking off from Courchevel in France, turn left, and you will see it quickly, on several mountains, and it disappear when you’re nearest. I saw it also at other place, it’s a common problem I guess, and recent, from few updates. Probably depending LOD settings.

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I was in the alpha as well but I never noticed it until the US update. But apparently I was wrong with my assumption. Do you think it got worse at some point? Any idea why people seem to have different results?

THX for the Votes :wink:

Where are you from? In which region do I mean, USA?
System Specs?

The Sun must come from a deep angle, not to deep , and not to high…morning and evening is ideal.

I noticed something today. It must have something to do with the textures in the mountains. There is the well-known BUG, ​​also to be found here in the forum, with the reloading textures of the mountains. As you get closer, they keep changing shape

Today I made a series of pictures from a place where I know that the stripes are always there. You can see very well how they change their position with every zoom step I take






In picture 1 & 2 you can also see the other known bow with the horizontal line very well.
In the lost Pic, im near enough, and the Stripes disappear

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I just flew the Balkans bush trip, and these glitches are all over, especially in the southern part, into Greece and the islands.

17 Votes by a so importend Issue, i think with that Tempo we can wait 1-2 years the Issue will be fixed…

I’m really annoyed slowly …The next patch was also moved forward by almost 2 weeks, it’s actually a shame sorry …

yeah… I tried similar time as in your picture, but also made time-shift.

I tried your mentioned pos in LUKLA and some random places over the world. GPU is a nvidia 2080TI.

I can reproduce the other topic “horizonal lines” ( I made a short clip within the other thread ) , but these small “transparent lines” ( which looks like strange rivers , or white streets ) , I cant not reproduce.

Then be happy you dont have this issue :wink:

Or do you want to say we imagine the stripes?

I see a screenshot, why I should say that ?

I want to mentioned that it then possible depends on a setting, cache or something else.

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Sorry my mistake, I’m a little annoyed right now, don’t be angry with me

Its not the Cache believe me, i have try a lot of things, its a problem of photogammetry in the mountains textures, also in connection with the popping textures when you come nearer and nearer.

What really irritates me, however, is that apparently many people from the USA do not have the problem, but many here in Europe … it is becoming more and more mysterious

I can only repeat it. If I disable photogammetry in the options, most of the bugs disappear. So it must have something to do with it

For those that may think this is something that happened with the US update, I uploaded this on August 28th, 10 days after release.

Concentrate on the near hills at the bottom left, and you will see this transparent line clearly.


I never saw it back then, as I was still agog at what else was in front of me back then. :slight_smile:

Another one at 7:07:


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hmm… I’am from Germany :slight_smile:

What for resolution u use? 4k or HD?

Uuuh, orright. Will say this Bug is here since Release?
Thats make me not really hopeful this issue will be fixed soon…

as the screenshot is: 3840x1600.

Some settings can you see here in a screenshot.

Enabled 1
EyeAdaptation 1
ColorGrading 1
Sharpen 1
Fringe 0
LensDistortion 0
Dirt 1
LensFlare 0
FilmGrain 0
Vignette 0
LensBlurMultiplier 1.000000
FringeMultiplier 1.000000

Alles klar… :wink:

Really crazy that some have the problem, others don’t. You also dont have the Terrain Spikes?

Probably before then, during the Alpha/Beta phase too, but I never got the invite.

There are quite a few others dotted throughout that video, that I never knew were there as I didn’t go looking for them. But once seen…

I have it too :slight_smile: … this one which gone if you come near to it…