Transparent strips in the mountains!

Ok well the transparent strips I’ve seen in mountains fall in line with the horizon line bug, all horizontal so maybe we’re looking at two different things then.

Indeed. If you look further up the thread I posted a link to a video, and some screen caps from it, showing these tears in the terrain. They are quite distinct from the horizontal line bug.

Same here (RTX3070). These artifacts resemble streams of water.
My guess - edges of terrain texture/mesh files.

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Definitly not sorry…

The horizontal Line, is always over the hole Screen, and have nothing to do with the transperent Stripes.

One is a LOD Bug, and the other looks like a Renderproblem or what ever…

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Just to add some more visual evidence for this bug, I noticed it a lot in the Grand Canyon yesterday.

i7-6800 3.4ghz
32mb DDR4 RAM
GeForce GTX 980TI 6GB
2560x1440 100% render scaling
Mix of High and Med settings

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Can you post a screenshot? I don’t believe it’s the same issue at all. The transparent strips are actual holes in the terrain showing the sky through it.

Easy to test by slewing back and forth at the locations posted above. Doing so also demonstrates the morphing mountains and coastlines:

I’m thinking these are all somehow related, most likely caused by too much optimisation since the US patch. It’s a shame they didn’t talk about any of this during their Q&A sessions. Such obvious and immersion breaking issues.

Yeah sorry i am getting mixed up don’t worry



I think ASOBO / MS knows very well that the problem exists, but it is very likely deliberately hushed up because the beta testers have already pointed it out. They just don’t really know how to fix it, I’ll make every bet that the problem will be here for longer, even after the next patch. As is so often the case, the release was far too early, now we are not end customers, but “investors”. It really is a shame …

In addition, the condition as it was at the beginning is no longer there, so in my opinion a borderline case legally. There urgently needs better, tougher laws in the gaming area. In no other business can you fool customers like that without major consequences. Imagine such errors in a factory or in the medical field. The product would simply go back to the seller, but with games and software it’s a different matter. You usually have to rely on the goodwill of the manufacturer.

Thats exactly that what i mean. OMG!!!

And thi same Issue in a official Screenshot???

Sorry but this is unbelievebal…

You can overlook some errors, but these stripes and spikes completely destroy the immersion and do not correspond to the hype with the previews in advance. You have to turn off half of the options (AI traffic, ATC, etc. so that it runs stable at all.

In my opinion, Microsoft / ASOBO has taken over with the FS. Now you have problems that you don’t know how to solve yourself. A big construction site …

I also have the feeling that the community has already been calculated in advance. True to the motto “they’ll find a solution”), but most of them Mods are also buggy, so a disaster at the moment. I also make a bet that the spikes are still here after the update … I’m starting to feel really ripped off, sorry … It’s a shame about all the money I’ve already invested …They don’t get any more money from me.

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No Problem Dude, your not alone :wink:

Hi everyone, thank you for sharing screenshots regarding these cracks in mountainous areas.

The issue as been shared with the team already.
This is not related to spike issue (that will be addressed for the UK update)!

In addition to your screenshots, could you please share the exact coordinates of cracks seen in the scenery.

Thank you.

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Hello QuiteAmbivalent,

Thanks a lot for your screenshot. Could you share the exact coordinates?

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This looks like river reflections with low level of detail.

My main experience of this issue is with distant terrain and is a relatively common occurrence globally. In these circumstances, I am assuming there is an issue with the terrain LOD radius causing terrain tiles to mismatch.


Thanks for those screenshots. Although it‘s a bit of a shame, it‘s not surprising that the tears are still there, as they never publicly addressed the issue as far as I know. On a more positive note, the coastal shark teeth seem to have gone.

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Several locations and airport codes have been posted in this thread. Any tester should be able to take those and easily come across the issue by slewing around the area.

At the moment it feels a bit like they’re stalling by throwing the ball back at us asking for exact coordinates. They must know obtaining them isn’t very intuitive.

Thanks to this software I was able to save the coordinates of the following screenshot:

46.63464, 8.00549
Terrain Level of Detail: 200

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Hello SubtotalGuide81,

Thank you for your help. You are right, this thread already gather several examples such as the one in LUKLA mentionned few days ago. For this example, we can easily see where is the issue in the scenery.

Asking for specific coordinates helps giving accurate information to our testers, also this issue can be seen in mountainous areas which could be quite challenging to locate if there’s no airport or city around.

Each iteration of the issue is a new piece to solve this!


Embarrassed to say I don’t know how to get the coords, but I took off from Grand Canyon Airport KGRM runway 15 and flew East into the basin then down into the canyon.

The canyon there is full of them, here’s some examples.

To try and help isolate the issue:
They seem to appear in the shadows, rather than in direct sunlight.
They seem to disappear as the terrain updates.
Flew at 15.00 UTC with Clear Skies

i7-6800 3.4ghz
32mb DDR4 RAM
GeForce GTX 980TI 6GB

Maybe Useful settings:
2560x1440 100% render scaling
Terrain LoD: 100
Terrain Vector Data: High
Texture Res: High
Anistropic: 16x
Tex resampling: 4x4
Shadow map: 1024
Terrain shadows: 512
Ambient Occ: High

Let me know if you want any more info

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That would be easy to test. Pause, and adjust the time of day.

It seems a bit strange when you ask for coordinates. The error actually occurs wherever there are mountains. You can even see the error on the official screenshots from the UK update (see above). Sorry, but I think you know exactly about the error … especially since it was already addressed and discussed in the beta … and the thread here is full of examples and location information.

Just fly from LSGB (Bex) to LSGS (Sion) and look arround. Its full with that stripes. Best Time 0700-0830/1700-1830, its importend that the Sunlight comes with a low angle.

Start in Bex heading north, after starting immediately 180 Turn to South. Then look on the left side …

Would it be possible to increase the upload size of the videos / screens? 5MB for a video is very small. Max 10 sec in low quality

My Specs again:

Ryzen 9 3900X (D.O.C.P)
32 GB RAM @ 3200mhz
KFA2 RTX 3070 (NO OC)
Be Quiet Dark Power Pro 11 @750W

AOC CU34G2X/BK 3440x1440@144hz

Mouse & Keyboard:
Titanwolf Set

Thrustmaster T.Flight Stick X

Graphic Settings:



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