Travel by bush plane

Hello everyone.
I started the travel part by bush plane, from Bordeau to Mont Blanc, but I am stuck because it is impossible to land on the track of Notre-Dame de la salette, I have tried at least 20 times without results.
My game settings are on easy poutant.
Does anyone have any info on this or has he managed to land on it?
Thanks in advance .

It is not impossible, but indeed a very challenging one.
Try to search for real life videos on YouTube, you might get very useful tips from pilots.
It is important to have proper approach speed, and aiming point. I also found that I had to actually keep high rpm after landing, otherwise the plane was unable to climb to the end of the runway.

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Actually there are videos already on this forum, check them out, they are great!
Altisurface Notre Dame de la Salette - Fly Together / World Discovery - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

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Wich plane do you use ?
This vid is with the DR400 but once you’ll get the trick you’ll do it with two fingers on the stick and one in the nose… :wink:
(Warning: my ASI is in Knots, not in Km/h)

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Your speed needs to be right back near the minimum, and you come in low over the trees. You may even need to increase a bit of power on as you land, and you’ll definitely need some to get up the hill.
It’s one of the hardest strips in the French Alps.

You’ll actually not need to use that much strip. If you’re landing half way up, that will still be fine. Instead of descending all the way down to the threshold, try staying a bit above it, flying level, and letting the runway come up to meet you, then flaring with the nose higher than the runway slope.

Once you land, keep straight and add power.

These guys and this strip inspired me to make the taildragger Robin!

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I was curious because N.D. de la Salette never gave me trouble.
I tried and made a video.
Some things before:
I never fly planes like the DA40NG, i’d rather prefer bushplanes. It’s why my landing is not really good (and takes me five attempts to do it !).
I must say the DA40 is by far not the easiest plane for this exercise.
You’d better train with an easiest plane like the DR400, the C152 or the C172 to get the trick.
I think the better path is to fly over the sanctuary as low and slow as possible, and follow the road, turning left in final also as low and slow as possible.
On the vid, I was already too high when I began the approach. You can see I use the full flaps to break my speed but I land with the 1st notch because it’s a steep climb.
I turned in final to soon and too high, needing the full flaps for a moment, all of this giving a non stabilized short final. And the last right aileron moving was unnecessary.
Hope it will help.


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