Travel To... Every re entry is a fatal crash

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When using ‘Travel To’ especially after a system crash, I try to go straight back to the Approach.
However it seems that if I do it right away and do not spend time taking off, my plane plummets in a death spiral to the ground every time.

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Not enough time allowed, the Travel to option reappears in screen meaning you NO control over the flight, and I am only using the xbix controller.
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My flight in question was from TILLE to EGPF.
Original flight, vehicle lost power for no reason on manual pilot. Damaged wheels try to save flight.

Upon re attempting, used travel to ‘approach’ which immediately sent the vehicle into a fate spin.
Travel to menu appeared on screen which meant I couldn’t access manual control of the flight.
This would not have mattered as the flight decended in to the ground asap.

I am using an xbox series x controller. Each attempt to replicate a decent landing has ended this way when trying to use ‘Travel to’ either just before or just after take off.

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The travel to option is just plain broken on xbox and that is why you have had problems.
I thought i was doing something wrong myself but it’s just another bug in the software.
The A320 after using travel to option is incapable of picking up the original flight plan and the aircraft will just bank over and keep turning and turning.
Even if you go into manual flight to correct the course and then back into autopilot it does not know what it is doing.
The aircraft is basically lost.
Its a shame but don’t hold your breath for it to be fixed.
There are pc users who had this problem a year ago.