Treat water runways as parking spots

This is a very simple suggestion to improve the experience with flying boats.

Treat water runways as parking spots, seaplanes will start cold and dark on water runway heads and for the users that wanted to have the plane ready to go they can always press ctrl-e.

I think that having the plane cold & dark and pressing ctrl-e is easier than having the plane running and perform a complete shutdown.

It will also remove the need for devs and scenery makers to add docking spots in every water runway for cold and dark starts.

Thanks for reading!

I like the idea of having a parking spot next to a near by dock as a place to start cold and dark.

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I think it might be better to recode the airport scenery autogen to automatically add a ‘GA Dock’ parking object to ANY airport where there is no parking apron recognised by the AI.

This means both water runways and bush strips will get a parking spot. And you want it to be GA Dock as this is the only parking spot type that will not spawn inappropriate ground workers.

This would give both bush plane and seaplane enthusiasts the c&d and shutdown spots they want!