Treat Yo'self

I received some money in a birthday card today, so thought I’d treat myself to a new aircraft for MSFS in the form of DC Design’s PT-17 Stearman. It was great to load her up at my home airport, pop on my Track IR clip and take her for a spin around Orbx’s Auckland, then down to NZA’s Raglan.

The sim is starting to feel really cohesive now, with all the 3rd party addons working well with each other, and the on screen visuals looking better than they ever have before. Safe to say it was a very enjoyable virtual flight.


Very nice, I have the Stearman and the Waco. I don’t know any one else with the Stearman ,so my last Auckland flight was with an Aussie friend in the Waco. Both are great fun to fly, especially in VR.

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I fly the Waco too- the MSFS lighting engine and atmospherics make open cockpit flying as immersive as ever eh?

Would be great to see some ZK- paints for the Stearman as there are several real world examples based here. The late Paul Holmes’s machine has recently been restored and would like great in the sim with a rendition from Jankee’s paintbush (nudge nudge wink wink pby5a)

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If your ever spending a week in the Buffalo NY area Akron NY’s airport (9G3) actually has a Stearman you could get training in

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