Tree density Option Control no longer works AND Florida soil is now tall volcanic flutes

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Florida soil is now tall volcanic flutes. What was sandy soil is now 10-15 foot tall volcanic blocks, some broken. This obscures entirely whatever is on the ground in treed areas. For example, housing once visible amongst the trees is now mostly or entirely hidden.

Florida has virtually no rocks and no large rocks at all.

To reproduce this, just fly anywhere in Florida in a treed area - I was north of Tallahassee usually. I don’t know how far the problem extends geographically.

Fast I7 HP desktop w/NV 1080.

Problem started when I installed and persists now (1.19…)

Also it may be an illusion but the scenery seems less detailed and less photographic than a year ago. For one very specific example, residential housing in New Orleans was once almost recognizable individually and is now quite vague. Individual cemetery stones seem to have coalesed into larger indistinct lumps lying flat.

Thank you

The tree setting isn’t for density but texture and shading … just don’t every set it low as they morph like crazy.

Thanks. You’re quit right on Tree setting.

I’ve edited my post to concentrate on the huge rocks in (at least) Western Florida treed areas or more generally areas with little photo-based or individually drawn detail.