Tree Lines

I see this around a lot and wondering what causes it or what it even is? Straight lines where the trees change color and type starkly

Probably because the underlying satalite image is different too. These images are made out of tiles. At some point the images change to a different image taken at a different time of day/year. So there may be some color difference. If this is a big difference the a.i. might place different tree types on the other tile. Hence the sharp line.

Also shadows from the mountains in the satelite image can make trees darker in those places.

so the scenery AI changes the tree type based on the satellite image color? interesting

Not sure this is exactly how it works. I’d imagine that different biomes are adressed to different locations in the world where they would be appropiate. And to further add variety i think image color could be one aspect to define wich tree type would grow where. In this example the pine trees are alot darker so would make sense that the underlaying image is darker in that area, thus placing pine trees. The next tile might be from a different time of day or year and be lighter. If the difference between to two is big enough it could add another tree type on this tile.

And also, the lukla airport scenery is handcrafted so the area surrounding the airport (with the lighter tree) might use completely different images then the surrounding (darker) area.

Edit: could also be that asobo manually assigned a specific tree species at the lukla airport and the surroundings are done by ai.

thats what I was thinking maybe the lukla designers put those trees in manually but didn’t blend with the surrounding pine trees

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