Trees at airports


I reported this issue, but I find it funny enough to share with you. Probably more people have noticed this, but there happen to be trees planted on airport platforms. I ran into this one at LaGuardia. Right at a GATE!!! I mean, it doesn’t look bad from an esthetic point of view, but it’s might be a problem for planes that want to dock at that gate. :wink:

Not only trees but 4-story terminal buildings as well…

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Also office Buildings at the Airports on the Taxiways

Haha! Same things here :joy:

Posted this somewhere else too … but Odesa has a shoe shop. Right there, on the apron. How handy is that?


Phoenix is the same way, Terminal has the wrong textures, trees in the taxi way, No sky train, No sky train bridge. Romeo taxiway is not close to level, uneven pavement and giant V’s make it so you cant even taxi.

Also experiencing trees at an add on airport; Paris Orly.

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