Trees have a gray border

Trees have a gray border when the background is water

Screen space reflections cause this anomaly.

I notice this too. I can’t recall if I saw this pre-SU5.

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This goes back several updates. You can also see it around aircraft in certain lighting conditions. Arguably, this is another example of something being broken by an update, and then ignored (with perhaps the unspoken hope that the users will get used to it.)

Trouble is, when each update creates new breakage, and these are not fixed 100%, the cumulative impact is negative traction, or a slipping back to a visually less attractive product than it was at launch.

I noticed it a couple of days back and checked the forums to see if anyone else was experiencing it. The last flurry of comments dated back to Feb this year and seemd to go away after an update back then.

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There was already a similar form with MSFS. There was a border around houses, trees and planes when the background was a gray sky

Yeah reflections are completely broken:

Already reported this right after release, some say it will only be fixed with DX12… For me surprising that this bug/error gets so little attention, as it is really immersion breaking in otherwise wonderful graphics

This is how SSR works, it only reflects what is on screen, as its being covered by your compass, its getting culled and there for not apart of the on-screen render to be reflected.

Well okay but this doesn’t change the fact that it looks broken. This is a visual effect that is not working properly.
Reflections are also cut before they’re being overlapped, ie cut before the edge of the cockpit window actually pass in front of it. It also happens on the edges of the game window, reflections are not rendered.