Tree's, lots and lots of tree's

Is it me or do there seem to be an insane amount of tree’s in this game ? I know in real life there are indeed lots of tree’s in the world (duh) but in towns and cities it seems like everywhere is a wonderful green leafy paradise. Flying around my home city it looks a lot prettier that it does in real life because there are just tons of tree’s everywhere which don’t exist in real life.

I kinda of wish real life was more like the sim, it’s as if humans stopped existing and loads of tree’s and greenery just started taking over urban areas.

No, I think they are really good. Actually too few at many places. Also, rendering distance has been greatly reduced since the release so no, I don’t think there are too many trees AT ALL. There could be some trees badly placed too close to runways at some airports though, but that’s all imo.


What do you mean by the rendering distance has been reduced since release ? I didn’t see that in the recent patch notes and there’s only been that single patch hasn’t there ?

Tcch! Tcch! Tcch! You didn’t use the Search function like you’re supposed to and join the Happy Throng! (that’s ~OK. Nobody else on the forum seems to either)

A small sampling (I didn’t want to spend the rest of the day copying all the other links that come up in a Search on “trees”)

  1. Too many trees above the tree line in Salt Lake City

  2. 3D trees missing at some places

  3. Too much trees

  4. Still much too many trees

Welcome to our tree-crowded planet! There are also some trees in very wrong places - growing on boats, growing out of a solid concrete runway near a hangar, etc.


The LOD for trees and buildings has been reduced for sure. For my taste a little too much. What doesn’t look right is the photogammetry trees showing up as dark triangles and so do buildings until you get close. Hope they can improve that.

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