Trees on ships at the ports of Ancona and Bari

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With the new photogrammetry renditions of the Italy World Update, the ports of Ancona and Bari have a few ships with trees growing on the decks and their sides.

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Co-ordinates: 43.623568 13.506774

Co-ordinates: 43.617426 13.503910

Co-ordinates: 41.138643 16.863459

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  1. Visit the port of Ancona (at co-ordinates 43.623568 13.506774 and 43.617426 13.503910) and the port of Bari (at co-ordinates 41.138643 16.863459).
  2. Observe the trees growing on the ships.

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Its highly unlikely that anything will be done about that by Asobo or Blackshark. The AI has been misplacing trees since the sims original release. A community solution is our best bet.

In the pre-release days they said that they want the AI to learn over time, and although it has been incorrect several times before, the issue with tree misplacement seems to have gotten much worse with the Italy World Update (especially after the server-side hotfix, these screenshots are before that). Trees on photogrammetry ships is something I haven’t seen before (for example, Marseille and old Venice) so I figured this is something worth reporting.

Well I have seen trees on ships once or twice and even on what is clearly concrete. It even places trees on wheat or hay fields where there are no trees or plants of any kind. Its always been this way. You can report it but I doubt if they care that much do do anything about it, it falls into what they term “cosmetic” which is a by-word meaning unimportant.