Trees on Taxiways at Downloaded Airports

All these trees keep popping up on downloaded (through the marketplace) airports. Starts as a fun obstacle course, but eventually gets too thick and end up colliding. Worst offenders for me seem to be DEN and ORD.

You should contact the developers of 3rd-party mods directly. That isn’t an issue with MSFS, that is an issue with modifications to MSFS.

You’ll need to contact the developers of the individual airports.

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Mod note: I have moved this out of #bugs-and-issues:bugs-and-issues-airports since there are add-ons involved here.

Are you using any mods to increase viewing distance?

It sounds like you’ve got a mod that is modifying trees in some way.
To test, move everything in your Community folder to another folder on the same drive, and load only one of the offending airports and see if you still have trees.

No mods, but I did reach out to the developers for each airport and they both said it’s a glitch with MSFS not properly reading area flags. Either way, they gave me a work around that seems be working just fine.

Go to (in game) setting---->Data----->Clear Rolling Catche.

No problems for me since. Only glitch it is lags for a second when approaching a more detailed portion of the airport.