Trees taking over the world (again)

Had a quick flight over New York to test out SU5 (pretty amazing stuff!) but I noticed that the trees once again seem to be rather dominating. I’m not a New York native but I don’t think it’s this forest like?

Is this the same for everyone?


First thing I noticed too. I thought “man, New Yorkers are way more environmentally conscious than I expected.”


I think there are too many trees too

I’m not sure if there are too many or the trees are too big?

There is a lot of trees in Southern California and even on the road. On the road way is new but have not reported it yet. Maybe one adjustment slider can be introduced if not there to adjust the number of trees

I think a bit of both.

Noticed that too. Thought I was flying above the world of the walking dead where nature took everything back

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It would be logical if there were less trees there may well be a small performance gain…


Oh these must be the “I am legend” NY satellite images from 2007. Were there more cars in the streets or only Will Smith and his Mustang?

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Is with me. Lots of trees in areas where I know there are not.

I saw trees in the middle of a lake near Phoenix, AZ and I’m pretty sure they shouldn’t have been there

Right, old issue. some large cars and vans are shown as (rocky) trees too. Green on top. If you’d go down and take a close look at these city trees, you’ll see that it’s strange rocky trees and also… trees in cities tend to be too big in MSFS. As a result, from above, the area seems greener than it should be. You’ll find a lot of trees topics in the wish list, like these

All good ideas about it are welcome. A nice image of the “rocky trees” in this topic… when you go New York at street level you see many of these and they are all green, from above it looks like a green city. Probably the real world objects are no trees… rather vans… electricity boxes… post boxes… street furniture… advertising billboards… other things…

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Going to take a flight over some of the other PG areas I know didn’t have this issue previously.

Yea, there are trees everywhere! It’s ridiculous how many trees they’ve added (or increased the height of). The UK cities are swamped with them.

Seems like an odd choice to release an update to supposedly improve performance and then add millions of trees that invariably pop in and out whenever you move your head.

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Oddly I don’t get the pop in of the trees. Also wondering if trees are being added on top of the PG trees? They do seem rather massive.

.@CurriedCat popping trees are not an SU4/5 problem, this was a first attempt to solve it. Have a look at the existing tree wishes, please use the Search, you’ll see pop in trees as well… keep in mind trees are the issue, not versions. Old versions are out… and no one will bring them back, we can only bring quality back and this forum provides us means to push for specific issues..

I don’t have a problem with pop in trees and wasn’t discussing that @ArcanePython931 . I was asking about the size and amount of trees in NYC as I’ve not flown in that area for quite a while. I know this has been an issue in the past (I’ve been around since alpha).
Haven’t suggested rolling anything back nor would I want that.

When you find anything, post screenshots in the tree topics in Wishlist. It will be easier when developers see what the actual complaints are and where they occur. When we proceed here, the topic will be on page #7 after 2 days, with a lot of noise… and you won’t be able to find your screenshots back.

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I had no idea if it was an actual issue, for all I know NY could be jungle like. As I normally do I’ll put in a ticket/bug report when I have some more data.

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Find the topics and add images to these topics seems to work better. Because of the vote splitting :wink: let’s have topics with the most urgent things and most votes on top, in Scenery bugs and Wishlist.