Trial period for items in Marketplace

The market is ripe to be flooded with additional aircraft of varying quality. In order to better match buyer’s expectations with the aircraft quality it would be beneficial in the long run to let buyer’s have a trial period when buying aircraft. This will allow for smaller add-on providers to sell higher quality products and further expose newer flight sim users to higher quality productions.

Fly before you buy.


Just curious - is there a reason why no airplane add-on is available as a trial / test period?
I see we have several Jets in the marketplace now - wish we had the ability to test / try one. Not only would it allow someone to test / confirm quality of product but I also would imagine it would enable more folks to buy items from marketplace.

All the current jets in the marketplace are pricey. If trial was an option, I think maybe more people would give them a “try & buy” . I’d love to try one but at the same time hate to waste money if it is bad.


DCS has started doing that and it seems quite popular


Probably because they would have a 80% return rate.


I would be happy with a simple review box with about 250 characters. This WORKS! and has been proven over and over, yet MS are simply NOT interested because they take a large cut from the sales…


That’s a sad statement, just in itself. – One would have thought that a 24 hour “evaluation” period would be fair. Why would anyone want to sell MSFS products that a customer does not want, once they find out exactly what the product is during a short evaluation period.


There’s no evaluation period, no refund policy, a ratings system that often doesn’t work and a statement from Asobo that there will be no quality control or minimum standards applied to marketplace products. Your best friends from here on are YouTube reviewers.

In other words, buyer beware.


A statement from Microsoft (Jorg) not Asobo. Asobo has no say in this matter.

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I do not even need 24 hours - maybe a few hours to test / try it. I love to see if it is any good before spending money on it.


I’d love to be able to test a plane before making my decision to purchase. The rating system that’s currently available in the store doesn’t provide enough information for people to make informed purchasing decisions. Just because a plane scores 4.1, doesn’t mean I’ll enjoy it. Nor does a 2.3 mean I’ll hate it.

I was thinking something like 30 minutes total flying time before the plane would be locked for purchase, that would be ample time to explore the cockpit, the exterior, take-off and land after a short flight.

Thank you for your consideration :slight_smile:


It happens that there is a massive production of sceneries / airports out there. Many places and or developers unknow or even duplicated products.

If MSFS creates a test enviroment or demo enviroment where we can try / test the products before buying them we’ll be really thankful.

This way you can test the performance, the quality, explore every single detail, have a real experience of the product. This experience will be limted to let’s say to 10 minutes—? in that time you can take off and land, and with the drone option you can explore all the details of the product. In case of duplicated ones you can compare them and decide yourself which one you like best.

Promo pictures are proffesional ones and made to sell a product but sometimes the user experience is different. Also, reviews are too subjective. So given the user the chance to explore what he is interested in would be awesome

Something like the developer mode or so. Or an external window, or in the xbox site. Somewhere you can go launch the product of interest and then at the end of 10 minutes or so it ends, like when you crash in the landing chalenges o missions.

I think it would be faire and people will love it.

I hope this proposal will be welcomed



I would like to see in the simulator a way to test a product before buying…this is because some products shouldn’t even be marketed in the simulator.


The marketplace needs a fly before you buy. Fly/rent option to fly a plane for 2 to 4 hours max.

This gives the ability for the user to download an aircraft, once they get between 2 to 4 hours of flight time within that aircraft the game automatically deletes the aircraft from the users library. At this point the user can now have the option to buy it if they want to continue to fly it or pass on it.

Since MSFS gives you a hard-time refunding aircraft/scenery, this is a great way to prevent refunds.


That would be awesome!

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How about the option to test fly aircraft before you buy


Not a chance of this happening. If they did it then they’d lose their share of the income from Bredok3D and Captain Sim, to name but two.


Dear Community I agree and feel there should be a way of getting a try before you buy for add-ons??? Or a refund for a period after installing.

I recently got into a “discussion” with a few of the Official Mods and one of their protectors (for want of a better term ) over on a Social Media platform over the content of an add-on. I reiterate it was asked on a public account and forum. I didn’t knock on their front doors or search for them.

Not naming platform, or names, and not critiquing the add-on or persons involved. That is not relevant. It was resolved politely and professionally.

It was for and add-on that had content that was offensive to me. For a number of reasons. :worried:

Yet I had no recourse other than to uninstall and no right to complain, nor refund. Even though it was purchased through MS own marketplace. I could only contact the developer (who turns out was lovely).

I understood their perspective but they as well as Official support didn’t see my point of view that I wasn’t expecting what I actually got. And I found that said content very offensive as a parent, because of my sexuality and because of Religion. A tiny photo of the unexpected content was enough for me to notice on sale. So that was that. My fault. :pensive:

This leads me onto my main actual points.

  1. Since the add-ons are being sold via MS own portal the market place should they come under content control review as MS own products?

  2. We should be entitled for refunds for add-on we don’t like or feel don’t work. Wouldn’t maybe 48hrs to get a refund would be fair? And maybe drive more sales. Or even a try before you buy, albeit more complex.

P.S. at the moment contacting the developer for an issue is the best option. Even if purchased via the marketplace. Seems odd to me, as my sales contract is with Marketplace not the developer directly.

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