Trial period for items in Marketplace

I should add that the Developer will update the add-on to remove the offensive item’s on view.

Truly was grateful that at least the Developer was accommodating.

Whereas MS or at least one person who is a friend of theirs coldly blamed me for buying it. And mocked my complaint.

The MSFS support team do seem (to my opinion of which I am free to express) sometimes to forget that we as customers pay for the sim and pay monthly subscription to be able to fly multiplayer. And by purchasing via Marketplace we support the product.

We are also not all the same gender, same age, same ethnicity, same faith and can be offended or disappointed with how an add-on performs, even if they see nothing wrong. The whole thing needs an overhaul. We are paying customers and deserve protection and to feel heard.

This absolutely needs address by MS.

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I’ve always been an advocate for “try before you buy”. I have a few addons that, given a do-over, I would not have purchased. As far as going the Zen Desk route, I’d prefer to use that for addons that have serious compatibility issues (I’ve done that once already and my money was refunded no questions asked). In this case, the addon was plain faulty and didn’t work on Xbox. I think they will only entertain that request twice.

These days, I don’t jump on anything initially in order to be the lab rat. I wait for the reviews to come out. If something is lousy, it’s known in the community fairly quickly. In all fairness, a good amount of garbage gets posted to the Marketplace, and I think we need some sort of protection.

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actually I can imagine the hassles involved with Try before Buy. eg. A new aircraft is released …thousands download it just to see what all the fuss is about but with no real intention of buying it and regularly flying it…and they are returned on mass. Not because its good or bad…its just the nature of flight simmers. I always google a new release read reviews watch youtube vids before I commit. No regrets yet… Rotate MD11 xplane… Maddog Md80/ Fenix A320 Pmdg 736 Britten Norman Islander and even a Captain Sim (GASP) dont hate on me//haha …enjoy them all

Fair statement, but there has to be some way to protect the buyers since, as far as I know, the content is not reviewed by MS.

There is no RETURN. You do not buy it – you just get to TRY it for a “ONE TIME” , limited period.

After that FREE Trail expires, the item no longer works, until you then actually go back into the Market Place and purchase it.

Good for the Purchaser, “maybe” not so good for Market place sales.

How many items do you now OWN, that you purchased on the MS Store, then found they were not as good as expected, and now you never use them.

Of course, the answer is NOT to be caught in all the Hype when a product first launches, and to delay your purchase, at least untill it has been reviewed or others have commented on it.

Resisting the temptation to just CLICK on anything you “Think you NEED” , is a LIFE LESSON, well learn as soon as possible.

Maybe the Marketplace ends up being what helps you learn this lesson .

Well said MSFSFreak.

At the moment if we purchase from the MICROSOFT owned Market Place we have zero protection…it as if we have purchased from developer directly. Yet we haven’t. Sale was made to Microsoft.

As I found, it could even be a matter of personal taste. Or morality. Or any issue that’s personal.

To be told ’ I see nothing wrong with it’. Or worse yet someone question how you bring up your family… Is totally unacceptable. If I don’t like it, and want a refund i should be able to get a refund and move on.

We need protection from MSFS and the right to decide if we want to keep it OR refund. Maybe just a day or two to decide.

If we purchase from another source then fair enough.

But marketplace purchases we should be treated with respect and be given a chance to refund.


I would love to see a rental marketplace in game for both scenery and aircraft. You could call it “try before buy” or just “rental”.

I have spent a lot of time perusing add on airports and aircraft that I likely won’t ever buy. Some look fantastic, but I ask myself how often will I fly there in reality? If the answer is probably only once or twice I don’t buy the add on no matter how nice it looks.

How great would it be to have the ability to rent an add on airport for a night or weekend at say $1-$3 price range and an aircraft add on at say $3-$5 range. This could facilitate-

  1. Being able to do one off trips around the world, visiting countries I may never visit otherwise.
  2. Being able to scrutinise/assess scenery & aircraft add ons before committing to buy them
  3. Being able to check compatibility with other add ons before buying them
  4. Being able to try aircraft before committing to buy them (like some other simulators)
  5. Would potentially open up continual ongoing revenue streams & for developers, in a slow sales environment (where people may wait for discounted sales to happen etc), so a win/win situation.
  6. Could be controlled via DRM from in game marketplace
  7. Could potentially be grouped regionally. For example say hire all Greek add ons airports for a weekend. Or say hire all airports by one developer for a weekend.

If you have any other points I’ve missed let me know.

This would be a great idea!


Voted. Should be looked into as a possibility.

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Great idea. I think a 72-hour rental period would be great.

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Maybe have rent for day and rent for weekend (72hr)rates? Along side rental bundles and offers etc.

To me there is so much untapped potential for both sides here. I know what I spend and I know that it would be much more if there was a rental / tryout market in place. Unsure about the technical challenges invved, but seems like a win-win type situation if possible.

Agreed. I want to try out a plane before I spend money on it so a demo or rental would be an excellent idea.

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Very interesting idea. I’ve certainly seen some scenery developers make their airports as trials - Where they function only for certain time limit then will have some kind of obstruction or something else which prohibits you from using them. Great way to test it out on your system before committing to a purchase and having to deal with refunds - If they are allowed.

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Absolutely. I hope more people can see the potential so we can get this on the devs radar. There is so much great content out there that I just won’t be buying otherwise and I’m sure I’m not alone.
I already bypass most GA aircraft these days as I have quite a few already, but if I could rent for a try first I would do this quite often. Could also lead to nore sales, which right now it isn’t.
If you multiply me up by many 100s of thousands of users, it could easily be a good money maker for all the devs too.

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This is an excellent point when viewed from a revenue standpoint.

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And if you decide to purchase the product within a certain time period, the rental fee is deducted from the purchase price.

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Niiiice idea !

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Voted … in the vain hope it might one day happen :slight_smile:

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This is an important point. Good point to make. Makes it more of a systems nightmare to implement though no doubt!

This is probably the main problem. There will always be “users” that can try and will manage to circumvent the protection.