Trim question - external view v cockpit mode

I have switched off all the assistance options for AI that control the aircraft

I have noticed that there is a problem with trim in external view mode. As instructed, I hold down RB and at the same time push the right stick up or down. The display for trim only changes from 0.0 to 0.1 on the indicator and that trim does not work properly

However, when you have cockpit view mode on, and press button A to interact with the trim - followed by the right stick - on doing this the trim fully changes to its full range of values and works properly. This can be seen as the trim indicator inside the cockpit fully changes to all values when using the right stick -2.3, -1.0 , -0.5 etc

The problem is when in cockpit view mode - even with trim working properly - it’s difficult to see how the plane is flying in terms of nose up and nose down etc - and this would be far easier if you could see trim working in external view mode - which is not possible

Ideally I would like trim to work in external view mode when using RB + right stick - to the same extent as it works in cockpit view mode - but don’t know why this does not work in external view mode

Plane is Cessna 152 - same as that used in tutorials

Curious to see where this goes. I’ve found trim response tends to vary quite widely with input method and aircraft. For instance, using mouse in UI vs. ThrustMaster will have very different results, by orders of magnitude.

In real flying there is is force feedback between trim and the yoke we just don’t get.

These are my current thoughts :-

I think it’s best to leave the assistant options as previously suggested with a few differences

Having display on main external view on for things like compass, altitude and speed is important for me

Also having unlimited fuel on is important being a beginner

I found generally flying is generally OK on these settings even though trim is still a big mystery to me

I don’t know if there is an assistant option to help with landing only of the Cessna 152 at all kind of airports and runway strips be large or small - with all other assistant options switched off

Best to land at large airports to start with like Paris and Rome which should be relatively OK - probably