Trim trim trim!

Please just do something about the trim!! How many posts does it require on this forum from much more experienced/knowledgeable pilots than myself for this to be looked at? When I was getting my PPL in the early nineties I was using FS for cross wind landing practice and the trim worked like trim should in a real plane to trim out pressure on the yoke when landing, couple of turns on the wheel or button pushes to get into trim and take the pressure off the yoke. I’ve mapped it to my stick’s hat switch, a X52 PRO, where it is miles to slow (same as I have done in DCS where it works like the real world). I also mapped it to an axis in desperation where it is miles to fast. Roll it back a tiny little and the plane thinks it is a rocket, roll it forward and it plunges to the ground. The laws of aerodynamics don’t work like this. Trimming is an integral part of flying, change something, trim, change something, trim… Who tested this and passed it for production? That MS should allow a brilliant sim like this to be spoilt by a fundamental issue like this is beyond me.

Paragraphs are your friend.

The secret to the trim wheel is to properly center it before flight.

You can take off just fine with the trim 90% nose down and the plane will not act as if it is, it may even climb but the second you roll it forward it goes to 95%-100%

I considered a strip of tape or maybe a little stripe of liquid paper to mark center however I instead got used to rolling it back and forth and centering it by feel before rolling out and when I do first touch the trim wheel I am always HANDS ON STICK ready to correct.

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A lot of real world pilots have said the same thing. The trim and aerodynamics across the sim are fundamentally broken/or in a bad way.


I cant speak to a comparison to real world application but I believed the trim wheel so broken I had disabled it and set my adjustments to joystick buttons rather than a limited rotation wheel.

However at some point a reinstall caused me to forget that and I hit the wheel with my pinky … and crashed.

It was then the little light came on over my head, when I had bumped the wheel it was to max down pitch but the sim saw me at a slight pitch up until the wheel said “we got fresh orders, captain says 100% down pitch” … and crash.

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The trim also have big delay when actived. It’s shame for a flight sim…


I’ve set trim adjustments on my yoke for large trim changes and trim adjustments on the trim wheel for small trim adjustments. Previously I only had a joystick and configured trim using two buttons. I can make small adjustments using the trim wheel to dial in the correct airspeed during landing or to level the plane in cruise.

It only need 1 post with a lot of votes… If you have multiple posts with barely a few votes in, they get ignored… 1 post with 100 votes gets more visibility than 100 posts with 1 vote.

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Yeah, agreed. Don’t want to get started on flap behaviour, that’s just as broken, too extreme reaction to deploying/retracting them. Should just be a gentle mush-type reaction if you do it within allowable speeds, very basic aerodynamics.

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My frustration with this just boiled over as it just needs to be fixed:-) My trim wheel is overly sensitive and moves in notches so a notch either way has a huge effect. I should perhaps play with its sensitivity settings but I’m tired of trying to fix their broken sim. I tend to ignore trim and just fly using the joystick but that’s not real either, too much of instructors hollering at one to adjust trim.

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Don’t bother the devs don’t read our bug reports. All the bugs i’ve reported here since launch are still in the sim… though there’s not so many bug reports so i don’t know what they’re doing at asobo…


Fixing them according to priorities, I assume.

No, issues get attention depending on the number of votes -you need to press the blue “Vote” button you will find if you scroll to the very top of this page. Please do so if you have not already!

I see them more as an advisory, things the community wishes to get attention. I don’t think they are contractually obliged to work on them in that order. :wink:

I use the trim wheel on my Logitech multi-panel, and have no issues with trimming at all, in any plane that I fly. The amount I have to roll the wheel differs from plane to plane, but it works.

This rate can be adjusted on a plane per plane basis, I think. The values you would need to adjust are, from the flight_model.cfg file:

elevator_trim_effectiveness =3
aileron_trim_effectiveness =1
rudder_trim_effectiveness =1

What the user is referring to is the repeat rate when a button is held down, which is not how I fly. I use the wheel. I believe a recent change was made to reduce/eliminate the acceleration of this, but I may be mis-remembering that.

Going back to the OP issue, this seems somewhat relevant:

Flaps behavior was changed in the latest update, so the 3rd party planes needs to adjust their Planes to the new model. What plane are you talking bout?

You should be way more specific to get any feedback/help.

I agree. The behaviour of my trimwheel in the C172 is pretty much perfect, also use the one from the MMultiPanel. However, yes, there is a slight delay but either i got used to it or it isnt as drastic that it will affect me. Seeing the ranting about trim and flaps, i somehow get the impression that here is either a 3rd party plane involved that has not been adjusted to the new flightmodel or there is a misunderstanding of the OP on how this things work IRL.

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I have real world experience and still have problems getting trimmed, especially with elevator.

I also have problems with rudder trim in that it’s difficult to get the ball centered. I tend to get it close to center and then it jumps to the other side without being able to fine tune to center.

Trim is definitely something I would like to see improved.

There is a large trim topic in Bugs & Issues:

May I ask what you’re looking for that is not covered in that topic already, for example this line from that topic?

After SU4 trims work better for me, at least for C-172 “Steam” and G940 trim wheel. However, axis for aileron and rudder trims are missing in the sim, this is traditional for MS sims for nonunderstandable reasons:).

Closed as a duplicate of this topic:

Please vote for the above “Elevator Trim is Broken” bug report if this issue is important to you.